Wellbeing While on the Go

by Janet Gomez

When you are on the go, for whatever reason, you are not in your normal environment or rhythm. These changes can produce a certain amount of stress in the body. It is well known that stress leads to a number of health and, especially, digestive problems.

What might start as indigestion may later lead to more serious dis -ease. on the go
In Ayurveda, indigestion is considered to be the basis of all physical disease.

My clients often  ask me for ideas of what they can do when they are constantly on the go to have a vitality-producing diet. Many travel a lot and frequently find themselves having to "make do" with the food on offer. The result is flagging energy, not the best way to spend the day in any situation but certainly not when you've got business clients to meet or simply want to enjoy the place you're visiting.

What's the key to having a better quality of health, even when you're on the go? It's simply all about preparation and planning. Let me guide you on this path with the following seven secrets:

   1. Educate yourself in advance by attending/arranging cooking classes, reading literature and/or working with a health professional.
   2. Reduce your intake of refined foods i.e. processed food, stale food, sugary food in excess.
   3. Eat until you are satisfied but not until you are full. According to Ayurveda, the proportions would be as follows- 1/2 food, 1/4 water/fluid, 1/4 empty stomach.
   4. Eat when feel hungry because you'll have more digestive juices to digest your meal (the best time for your largest meal is between noon and 2pm).
   5. Eat freshly cooked organic local food where possible to have a light and balanced feeling to and derive more energy from your food.
   6. Be thankful for every meal you eat - your attitude and intention are important in the digestion process.
   7. Remember everything can nourish (food, air, water, environment, sun) at a physical, mental and spiritual level.

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