How To Make "Meantime Money" to Support You As You Grow Your New Business!

by Mariana M. Cooper

Sometimes we have a passion that we love but don't have enough skill or enough clients to make a living yet.

When that is the case we need to identify 2 things:

1. Our ultimate Desire for our business and creating a training plan to getgood enough to sell it.

2. A secondary skill that we can use to make money NOW that is in the ARENA of where we ultimately want to be!!

This is key. The time that you spend when not working on cultivating your passion to make it business worthy, must be spent doing something you are qualified to do within the field of where you are going.

If you are terrific at accounting but want to be an interior designer start doing accounting for interior design firms.

That way you are getting paid to be learning the field as you go. Meeting people in the field and learning about what it really takes to operate the business end of your passion. In this case your "transferable skill" is accounting. It can be transferred to any industry.

I did this when I wanted to be a film producer but wasn't quite educated enough to make a living at it. I was working for a major telecomm company at the time as a marketing consultant in the sponsorship and promotions department doing entertainment marketing.

One day a film producer came in seeking sponsorship for a film festival on Martha's Vineyard. We sponsored the event and I got VIP treatment and met several big film contacts, one of which financed my first film!

So earning meantime money at something you are passionate about is very possible!

Your Marketing Step:

1. Take an inventory of your best skills that you know you can make money at.

2. Now list how you can transfer them into the industry that you are passionate about working in.

3. Contact firms/ businesses that make sense and offer your services.

4. Take note of contacts, procedures and policies that you would want to implement when you have your ultimate business up and running.

Your Manifesting Step:

1. As a special power booster take 60 seconds to close your eyes and breath. Make the statement: "Please bring me the best situation possible and make it known to me now!"

2. Take note of insights that you get throughout your day. Just 60 secs of focused attention will start the ideas flowing and great insight will begin to flow synchronistically for you.

Combine the Marketing and the Manifesting Steps and the AHA! Moments will not be far behind!

And Remember to Always Trust your Aha!

Author: Mariana M. Cooper, Aha! Moments, Inc. Intuition Expert and Mentor. For more information, products and services go to:

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