"PR Magic: How to Make You and Your Business Buzzworthy and Gain Coverage in TV, Radio, and Print"

Free Teleseminar Presented by Ali Brown & Anne McKevitt

Imagine having your dream clients calling you out of the blue, even before you spend a dime on advertising!

Think it's just a pipe dream? Well, it may not be the traditional approach for most entrepreneurs, but that's exactly what Ali Brown's mentor did within months of starting in her first business. She's gone on to do the same thing again and again since then.

Ali's hosting a free one-time teleseminar on Wednesday, September 8, 2010 for everyone who wants to use strategic media and public relations to build their business and their brand. She will be talking with her mentor Anne McKevitt, a popular speaker and seasoned PR and media pro from both sides of the camera.

Anne has grown her billion-dollar companies by generating interest from the likes of Elton John, Sophia Loren, Vogue magazine, and major retailers worldwide...all by getting MAJOR newspaper, radio, and television coverage that works like no-cost advertising!

And now they'd like to show you how to do it, too!

"PR Magic: How to Make You and Your Business Buzzworthy and Gain
Coverage in TV, Radio, and Print"
with Ali Brown and Anne McKevitt

Wednesday, September 8, 2010
8:00pm Eastern
Learn more and register here:

On this special complimentary call, you're going to discover...

* how to use strategic PR within weeks to explode your business growth - whether you're just starting out or you are ready to leap to the next level

* how to get a team of influential and respected media mavens to "spread the good word" about you -- without EVER paying for traditional advertising

* who you REALLY need to reach if you want to captivate the media's attention... so they come looking for YOU for stories their audience will love

* two great ways to generate compelling stories and content that enhances your reputation at the same time it builds your business buzz (it's easier than you think!)

* where to go to reach a tightly targeted "insider" group or to cast a wide net...and when to use each one for your company's different growth stages

* exciting new details about our upcoming telecourse series "Your Complete PR Agency Toolkit(TM) - How to Build a Buzz About You or Your Business and Launch Your Own Campaign"

If you'd like to know how to crack open the floodgates to your business by getting popular media on your side, be sure to register now for this complimentary call:

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