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Maria Gamb

As a former Fortune 500 trailblazer, Maria Gamb served for twenty-plus years as an executive in businesses valued at upwards of $100 million. What were her keys to corporate success? Blending creativity, divine inspiration, and straightforward communication. Now, as the founder, CEO, and "Chief Change Agent" of NMS Communications, she shares her vast business skills, life experience, and knowledge of universal laws to help executives and entrepreneurs alike claim their ability to lead profitable, effective businesses that are providing great value to those they serve.

Ms. Gamb believes that a new breed of leadership is emerging, which bridges the gap between the harsh practicalities of business and the intuitive nature of Spirit-and it's this gap that she bridges with her own lecturing and teaching.

Ms. Gamb's career has taken her across the globe. She has lived for significant periods in Australia and England and worked in countless others. Her understanding and appreciation of cultural differences and the inner workings of different kinds of industries and their leadership make her a force to be reckoned with in the global business landscape.

Ms. Gamb works from a loft in Brooklyn, New York, where she pursues her passion to help businesspeople transform the world through her one-on-one and group executive mentoring programs, sales of online products, and public speaking. For more information about her programs and services go to: She is also a journalist for the online powerhouse and a featured business expert in the new magazine Belle Petite. Her book "Healing of the Corporate World" is set for release on Oct 12th, 2010.

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