Mobile Guidelines Now Public

by Shannon Suetos

There is a lot of buzz about mobile these days. Mobile marketing, mobile websites and even mobile coupons. With all the new ways companies are implementing mobile into their marketing and adverting campaigns, it’s no wonder the Mobile Marketing Association and Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) have compiled a list of guidelines pertaining to mobile advertising.

According to DM News, “The groups' goals for the mobile ad guidelines include creating a global definition and methodology for counting Web impressions; making the distinction between an online ad impression and a mobile Web impression; and providing marketers with key metrics for buying mobile Web ads.”

If you haven’t ventured into mobile marketing yet, there is a good chance most of you will be 2014. “Spending on mobile advertising will grow more than sixfold between 2009 and 2014, reaching nearly $2.55 billion,” reports eMarketer. If this is new ground for you, these guidelines will be perfect, as they give specific data to help you in your journey.

The mobile guidelines can be found here. The guidelines pinpoint exactly what size a banner ad should be, and even goes into SMS campaigns, MMS campaigns and mobile TV and video ads.

Released November 9th, these guidelines will be open to public comment for one month. If you have already ventured into the mobile realm, this could be a great way to express concerns you may have. “Ultimately, the point is to encourage adoption of mobile ads - which in theory should not be difficult given the proliferation of mobile devices. However measuring mobile advertising is trickier than measuring Web ads,” said Joe Laszlo, the IAB's director of research.

What to Consider Before Launching a Mobile Campaign

Mobile doesn’t mean, forget what you know about online marketing. Many of the same planning strategies can be applied to your mobile campaign. The first and foremost question to ask is, “what do I want to gain?” The second question should be, “how are you going to measure your efforts?”

Once you have strategically decided what you want to gain from your mobile campaign, and how you will measure you can start in with the fun stuff. Creating the ads and deciding on where to publish your ads, or send your SMS/MMS ads to.

If you have successfully launched a mobile campaign, let us know any helpful hints in the comments below.

Shannon Suetos is an expert writer on digital security systems based in San Diego, California. She writes extensively for an online resource that provides expert advice on purchasing and outsourcing decisions for small business owners and entrepreneurs such as office security systems at Resource Nation.

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