Why Can't I Stay Positive All The Time?!

by Mariana M. Cooper
Is it because you are getting some sort of internal signal that things are not going to turn out as good as you envisioned and you should brace yourself for disappointment? Or is it that you should just hang in there and go ahead with your plan?

Do you feel that you have made a great decision and start to move forward but then call someone who you know usually shoots you down, to “run it by them for a reality check”, only to have them rip the idea apart and feel like you are back at square one?

If so, your “ego” is at work full force trying to keep you in a weakened state. The “ego” is your inner critical voice that feeds on negativity and holding you back. It thrives on fear, guilt, anger, resentment and all negative emotions.

Every religion and spiritual discipline acknowledges the existence of the ego. It is often called “the opponent,” “evil,” “the darkness,” “the devil,” “the inner critic,” “the saboteur” and many other names. But regardless of the name the ego is in direct opposition to your Intuition.

The ego is very territorial and tries to dominate as much space in your mind as possible. And when you start to recognize it by studying spirituality, meditating, calling in more light and being positive the ego is very threatened. It will immediately try to frighten, distract and distress you.
Your Intuition is the opposite of the ego. It is the “still small voice” of truth that quietly persists and always draws you back to your truth. Solutions that come from your Intuition will “feel” right. They may not be ‘logical’ but they will just “feel” right.

The more you study and grow the more the ego fights as it loses ground!

So the answer is Don’t Give Up! Keep studying, meditating and surrounding yourself with light. Envision light all around you as a protective shield. And ask in your prayers and meditations to have the volume raised on your Intuitive Inner Voice. With consistent practice your Intuition will become the louder voice and you will be able to recognize, trust and rely on it to assist you in all areas of your life!

You may never completely eliminate the voice of the ego. But the true Power is in being able to recognize and discern what is ego and what is Intuition. That is what we all should work towards. Awareness is your most powerful tool!

So Trust Your Intuition!

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Author: Mariana M. Cooper, Aha! Moments, Inc. Marketing & Manifesting Strategist For Enlightened Entrepreneurs.

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