A Taste of Spring for Improved Health

by Janet Gomez

What do you think drains your body of energy most?

Often our choices are the main problem. We may know what will support our health from that which we have heard, read, seen. Sometimes we feel instinctively what is good and not so good for our bodies. Then we make appropriate or not so appropriate choices.

In Ayurveda we have tools that support the health of our body and mind. The concepts of the three body types/doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha, and the 6 tastes, sweet, sour, salty, hot, bitter and astringent, form the basis of Ayurvedic nutrition. Depending on the season and our particular body type we can eat to enhance the health of body and mind.

During the last cooking class, for example, participants learned how the dense Kapha quality of winter becomes lighter and liquid as Spring starts. The transition period between Winter and Spring can be a delicate time for our bodies. How many of us have been experiencing pre-Spring sniffles and sinus problems? The advent of Spring is the perfect time to do a cleanse because Nature supports our efforts.

Let me share 5 seasonal tips of how to use Nature to help achieve balance and harmony within our bodies at this time.

   1. Since the Spring season is usually wet, using warming drying foods and spices such as millet, barley, lentils, turmeric, cinnamom and ginger to counteract the humidity.
   2. Incorporating into our daily life cleansing techniques such as dry skin brushing, which works on the lymphatic system to support the natural clean-out that the body is having over the Equinox period, and the technique of neti to keep nasal passages clear and our energy flowing.
   3. Enjoying warm baths and taking regular dynamic exercise. If you practise yoga, for example, sun salutations should be done more quickly while breathing deeply.
   4. Since most of us eat breakfast between 6-9am when the heaviness of Kapha is present, have a light warming meal at that time, for example of cornmeal porridge, or millet cream, to assist digestion
   5. Eating plenty of green leafy vegetables for the cleansing and energising qualitities they provide.

Bonus tip: Giving your digestive system a rest and/or doing a cleanse. This can simply involve not eating between meals, eating a mono-diet for a day or two or doing a simple juice cleanse.

Take advantage of the rising energy of spring and the seasonal flavours to boost your energy and enhance your health.

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