Are You Guilty of Over Delivering and Overwhelming Your Clients?

by Kendall SummerHawk

In my breakthrough coaching and training on the topic of money it’s the area of “deservability” that often gets the most, “That’s me!” response. The minute women entrepreneurs hear the signs and symptoms they know they’ve been busted as someone who over delivers in order to cover up deep-seated feelings of guilt.

When I was newer in my business I knew I over delivered but I brushed it off, thinking that at least no one could fault me for the sin of not giving enough.

Problem was, not only was I speeding down the road to burn out, I was also overwhelming my clients. Not good.

At that moment I realized that I was actually sabotaging my ability to grow my business. I couldn’t take on any more clients despite working bazillion hours. Worse, I felt like the hamster on the wheel, never able to keep up, never feeling fulfilled and always feeling guilty. Not a pretty picture.

That’s when I decided to look deep within at the root cause of over delivering and figure out how to transform the shadow side of this sabotaging behavior into something positive, that supported my business growth.

If you’re like I used to be — over delivering yet feeling too guilty to let go — then I urge you read these tips immediately. I promise they’ll help you fulfill your desire to serve without overwhelming yourself or your clients.

Tip #1 Admit It, You’re A “Pleaser”

If you’re overloading your packages, giving away services without charging or faulting yourself for not giving more then it’s time to face the music: your need to feel good enough is running your life.

What can you do? Awareness is the first step and will give you the power to choose instead of unconsciously being at the mercy of this addictive behavior.

Tip #2 Start Cutting Your Deliverables In Half…And Breathe…

Cutting your deliverables in half will actually be a relief and a blessing for your clients. They’ll stop feeling overwhelmed and you’ll feel renewed energy, creativity and joy in serving them.

Tip #3 Stop Giving Away Your Time And You’ll Gain The Respect You Desire

Instead of giving away your time, your tips or help without charging, master the skill of turning interested people into invested clients. Remember, you don’t gain someone’s respect by giving away what should be appropriately valued.

Tip #4 Love Your Clients By Establishing Clear Boundaries

You’ll find you can give more when you establish and communicate clear boundaries ahead of time with your clients. For example, if a client pushes your time boundary, politely let them know that you’re not available, then tell them when you will be. They’ll quickly learn they can’t take advantage of you, which will increase your value in their eyes, plus give you much needed breathing room.

Creating Wealth And Affluence Begins By Being Generous With Yourself

While you may always be a pleaser at heart, the gift here for you is the opportunity to release an old pattern of relentlessly driving yourself. As you promise less and streamline your offers you’ll find true and lasting wealth is abundantly yours!

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