Ali Brown Has Never Revealed this Before...

You likely already know the story of Ali Brown's "outside"
success: She started her first little venture from a shoebox
apartment in 1999, and from there it evolved into what is today
an enterprise worth millions. Ali says her life is truly amazing,
and her blessings have allowed her to give generously to causes
she cares about, like those she worked with on ABC's hit
primetime docu-reality show, "Secret Millionaire."

For years, Ali's been sharing with you all her "how-to steps",
including starting a business, growing your venture, marketing
strategies, building revenue streams, and more.

But there's a side of the story Ali hasn't shared fully... It's the *REAL inside story*... Ali's personal spiritual journey that began in 2003. You see, a life event caused Ali to cry out for help, and she received an answer. And from that day forward, Ali's developed a strong relationship with Spirit...God...the Universe.

And she noticed something... the more she *nurtured* this relationship, the easier she was pulled forward, and the less she had to push. As long as she listened to the guidance, her life (and income) continued to improve. As long as Ali *kept her faith*, there was no struggle.

There were surely some bumps in the road (and big ones, too!), but as long as Ali stayed true to that voice, she steered clear of trouble.

On the surface, Ali knows people must have thought she was always in the right place at the right time. Or she was just lucky, because *it all looked like magic*. And in a way, it was! But it's magic that we ALL have access to, right now.

Ali vowed to learn everything she could about this beautiful *win-win partnership we have with Spirit*, and that one day she'd share it completely. She's revealed bits and pieces here and there with her students, but wasn't ready to come out with her entire story and the keys to unlocking this beautiful power. Until now...

So if you're ready to learn how YOU can claim this power you already have access to in your life and business, please join Ali on this *free call* she's hosting just for you:

"Higher Power: Creating Success With Grace and Ease" A FREE one-time call with Ali Brown on Tuesday, June 21 at 8:00 pm ET.

Go here now to learn more about what Ali will be sharing and all the details about the call:


Suzanne Doyle-Ingram said...

Ali Brown is an inspiration. This should be a great call with her. Can't wait!

Deb Bailey said...

I agree, Suzanne. Thanks for your comments!

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