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Felecia Hatcher

Don't just think outside the box, smash them and resurrect monuments is Felecia Hatcher’s message to students and young adults. Hatcher has dedicated her life to motivating young people to look past their circumstances and get creative!

As a “C” student in high school Hatcher beat the odds and won over $100,000 in scholarships to attend college. She started her first business called Urban Excellence at the age of 19, when her mother motivated her to start a college coaching business to help other high school students and their parents ease the stress of getting into college and finding scholarships.

Using her knowledge and knack for personal marketability Hatcher traveled around the country conducting workshops and building successful college prep programs for companies like DeVry, the YMCA, Texas A&M,TED, and the Urban League. In 2005 Hatcher brushed off her entrepreneurial bug and spent the next few years traveling around the country spearheading successful experiential marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies like Nintendo, Sony, Wells Fargo, State Farm, and the WNBA.

The company's mission is to bring a new hip twist to childhood ice cream trucks while carrying exciting flavors, playing cool music, and fusing fashion, art, and social awareness with ice cream. Believing that she has given the ice cream truck industry a “Social Life” her company promotes sustainability through innovation. The bright colored Scion XB ice cream trucks and carts have a smaller carbon foot print then most junkie ice cream trucks crawling around, and they donate a portion of each popsicle sold to charity.

The company has also been able to form strategic partnerships with companies like Universal Music, Live Nation, Barcardi, COX Radio, The US Census Bureau, The W Hotel, Playboy, University of Miami and the City of Tampa Bay to promote their new products through her trucks and sponsored ice cream give-a-ways. Hatcher has plans of taking her company global and currently spends her free time working with NFTE (National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship) consulting start up’s and has a new book,“The C-Student’s Guide to Scholarships which will be available in bookstores January 2011.

She is currently on the Sweet Success Youth Empowerment Speaking tour. But it was not until she channeled her inner foodie that things really started to take off. The ice cream truck industry was long overdue for a makeover when ice cream enthusiast Felecia Hatcher fell flat on her face while attempting to chase an ice cream truck in heels, upon her decent to the ground she came up with the idea of Eco-Friendly ice cream trucks and upscale ice cream catering for adults. Her sweet dreams turned into reality in 2008 when she introduced the Feverish Ice Cream Truck and her boutique ice cream catering company quickly began heating up the streets of Miami and creating a buzz. Move over Ben and Jerry...


Date: Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

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