How McDonald's Can Change Your Life

by Natalie Bradley

Back in 2004, I read a powerful book called, "The E-Myth" by Michael Gerber and it changed my life. One of the companies he cited repeatedly was McDs and how all small business owners can model the genius of that company.

What McDonald’s did that continually blows away their competition is to master the art of systems. Everything in that company is a system. Down to the way things are cooked, the way you order and the drive through process. You pretty much expect the same thing from one McDs to the next, right?

They’ve taken the thought process out of doing business and made it so routine that everything is either automated or it is so systematized that it feels automated.

You can take this from what the golden arches has taught us and translate that into your business with everything you do. Use scripts for the phone, for email responses, systematize your close the sale process, automate those emails, blog posts and social media.

Basically, set it and forget it!

If you find yourself always feeling like you’re chasing your tail to catch up, or you are clueless about what to do next, you’re in serious need of a McD makeover.

Starting today, notice everything you do and look at it with a different point-of-view. What can you make into a system? What can you change so that basically anyone could do it? Get clear on this to open up not only tons of time and freedom, but also so that you can make a helluva lot more money! (That’s what you’re here for, right?!)

You start doing this, and you’ll be saying “I’m lovin’ it!” too!!

Be your fabulous self,


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Juanita Ecker said...

This post really made me think today! I often find myself overwhelmed with my to-do list. It seems as if running a business creates an endless amount of "to-do's." Turning my work into systems may be just what I need!

You have an excellent point - all of the large successful corporations run on a system. That way, if something goes wrong, there is no guesswork as to what stage the mistake occurred. I will start today by turning my work into systems.

Thank you so much for this little piece of clarity.

Juanita Ecker

Deb Bailey said...

I agree! Systems are a big help to the small business owner, but how many of us really use them? Our work would be much easier if we focused on creating systems. Thanks for your comments, Juanita!

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