FREE Copywriting Services for Women Entrepreneurs!

by Julie Barnes

Great headline…right? 

Did it suck you in to read further?


Then I got your attention, didn’t I?

That’s the number one function that your headline should perform… to get the attention of your target market!

In today’s article, I’ll be discussing the four functions that YOUR headline performs. I bet you didn’t realize your headline was so busy. :)

1.       Get attention – Remember that your target market is always thinking, “what’s in it for me”, so for example, in this article…I used FREE in the headline. The target market is going to read the FREE and subconsciously think…I’m getting something for FREE.

2.       Target market Who is the target market of your product or service? Use them in the headline. For example, in the headline of this article, I used Women Entrepreneurs as the target market. The headline also screens the readers… letting them know that the FREE copywriting services are for Women Entrepreneurs ONLY!

3.       Complete message – Since we currently live in an ADHD environment, with our smart phones going off with emails and text…Twitter with their 140 characters…and Facebook updates. Your target market is constantly being interrupted. Keep in mind that your target market may be a “scanning” reader that only reads what grabs their attention. So use your headline to deliver a complete message. Again, using the headline of this article, it states a complete message…FREE Copywriting Services for Women Entrepreneurs.

4.       Attract your reader – The goal of the headline is to draw your target market in to read your article or advertisement… to peak their curiosity. A great way to do this is to ask a question… like I did you.  I ask you…my reader… 

·         Great headline…right?
·         Did it suck you in to read further? 

Remember, great headlines do more than get your target markets attention. It draws them in… to learn more about your product or service.

Julie Barnes is a Certified SEO Copywriter and Consultant. She is passionate about helping women entrepreneurs succeed in business through the written word. Visit her website at Follow Julie on Twitter at

Julie Barnes is a regular contributor to the Secrets of Success blog


Alex Sand said...

You're right, good headlines are what draws readers in.

Julie Barnes said...

Yes, it is Alex! Thank you for your comment!

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