Want to Grow Your Business?

by Julie Barnes

Ok…so you have finally followed your dream and started your business. But now, you’re stuck in overwhelm with what to do next. You’re wondering…how can I grow my business? You have the perfect letterhead and website, but this doesn’t pay the bills. 

Here are four tasks you should focus on to grow your business.

1. Take Action – You can spend your time learning software and setting up systems, but if you never implement what you’ve learned and take action…your business will never grow.
Tip: Create a daily “to-do” list to help you stay on task.

2. Market –There are many ways to market your business, which will drive traffic to your website.  You can guest post on other blogs, post articles to your website and use social media like Facebook and Twitter.
Tip: Remember to use your keywords and keyphrases when writing your articles.

3. Analytics – Install Google analytics to your website so that you can see how your website visitors are finding your site.
Tip: Make note of the keywords that are being used to find your website, then use them when writing your articles.

4. Products – Develop information products for your website to generate another stream of revenue. Your website visitor may not need your services at the time, but they may be interested in purchasing your ebook “20 Tips On Setting Up Your Wordpress Site” for $19.95.
Tip: Keep your ebook at around 60 pages.

Remember, consistency over time brings results, so don’t quit if results don’t come immediately.
Julie Barnes is a Writer specializing in Business, Travel and SEO Copywriting. She is passionate about helping women entrepreneurs succeed in business through the written word, while traveling the great USA full-time in a 42 ft rv. 
Julie Barnes is a regular contributor to the Secrets of Success blog.


youtrill said...

First and last thing is we want to strong background without we are achieving a our target.

Deb Bailey said...

You are right! Thanks for your comments.

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