When It's Time for Entrepreneurs to Seek Help...With Mail

by Shayna Burns

As an entrepreneur, you've likely taken on all sorts of unexpected business roles - especially administrative duties like mailing and shipping. And with all the running around involved, it's no surprise that these duties can quickly stretch even a multi-tasking pro thin.

To help ease the stress sometimes involved with mailing tasks, we've put together 5 ways to help you save money and be more productive when shipping from your home or small business:

1.       Make USPS Priority Mail® Your Priority
If you tend to send weighty parcels or ship packages far distances, consider using USPS Priority Mail® Flat Rate packaging. You pay one predetermined, fixed postage price based on the packaging, so the price stays the same no matter how heavy your shipment is or how far it's going.

2.       Weigh Your Mail
Do you usually guess how many stamps your mail requires? By using a postage meter, weighing your mail and printing exact postage, you can save up to 20% annually in postage costs. Plus, postage machines print indicias (a postal marking instead of a stamp), which are considered by many to make businesses look more professional.

3.       Change the Size of Your Mail
Do you often send larger documents and envelopes? By changing the size of your mail from a very large envelope to a #10 envelope or a 6x9 envelope, you can save up to 50% in postage costs. For maximum savings, although not the most universally appealing, opt for postcards.  Using postcards having a QR code can drive recipients to your website where you can provide more detailed information!

4.       Print Your Own Postage
PC postage is quickly becoming a staple for many small businesses and entrepreneurs. All you have to do is sign up with an online postage service, and you can print your own postage at home when and however you need it. This definitely beats running to the Post Office because you've run out of stamps!

5.       Give Outbound Shipments to Your Postal Carrier
Don't have time to go to the Post Office to mail your shipment? Let your postal carrier do the work! Postal carriers can pick up shipments when they delivery your mail, so long as you're shipping expedited services like Express Mail and Priority Mail. If you need your shipment picked up on a specific day or time, you can pay a small fee to have a scheduled pick-up.

By making small tweaks to the way you manage your mailings, you can be more productive and cost efficient. (As if the thought of saving time and money isn't on your mind already.)
We hope this post leaves you feeling inspired to cut back on needless postage expenses and empowered with newly found budgeting tips!

Guest post by Shayna Burns for Pitney Bowes small business office solutions, offering postage meters, letter folders, envelope openers and other mailing equipment for small offices.

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