Not Another Email!

by Julie Barnes

I have to admit that I love email. I remember getting my first email address in the 90’s. It was just so cool to send a letter or short message by just hitting the send button. I didn’t have to pick up the phone to call someone or drive down to the post office to actually mail a letter…I could simply get on the computer, write my message, and hit send.  And now….I have a smart phone, so I’m never away from my email.  But I do try to take a technology break most weekends and highly recommend it to others.

But what started out as a cool thing quickly turned into overwhelm.  I went from getting a couple of emails a day, to now receiving on average of 50 a day or more and that’s not including the spam that goes directly to the spam box.  My emails include business, personal, newsletters, forum discussions, and junk mail. My email box became so overwhelming that I constantly worried about over looking an important email.  So here is what I did to get my email under control.

1. Create two Gmail addresses – I love Gmail. Because it’s web based you can access it from anywhere.  The first email address I use as my business / important email box. I forward my business email to this address.  I have my friends and family use this address too. That way, I never have to worry about missing an important email from a client, friend or family.

The second Gmail address I use for signing up for newsletters, forum discussions, free reports, etc.  If I’m at a website where they are going to capture my email and then start blasting my inbox with endless marketing emails, they go to this email box. Then at least a couple times a day, I’ll look through it to see if there is anything I want to read.

2. Organized my inbox -  In Gmail you can create color coded labels. I took the time to create labels so I never have to look for an email, I just click on the label and find what I need.  Some examples of the labels I created are… Clients, Personal, Receipts, Business, Entrepreneur Newsletters, Writing Newsletters, Coaching Groups, and Forums. You can also create sub-labels in Gmail to get even more organized. I loved to be organized if you can’t tell. 

3. Send it to the junk box  - I still have and use my very first email address, except  I have turned it into my junk email address. You know when you out shopping and the store ask for an email address to send you coupons and store flyers? This is the email address I give them. Then, when I’m ready to go shopping, all I have to do is look through my email to see what stores are having the good deals or if I have any coupons that I can use. 

I’m happy to say that I ended my email stress and now I have my inbox under control. Now…let’s get yours under control.
Julie Barnes is a Freelance Writer traveling the great USA full-time in a 42 ft RV.  Her newest book “How They Did It…36 Entrepreneurs Tell How They Launched the Business of Their Dreams” is available here. Visit her website at Follow Julie on Twitter at
Julie Barnes is a regular contributor to the Secrets of Success blog.


Zsa Zsa said...

I totally agree with number 1 - creating two Gmail addresses. It really helps, especially if you don't want to sift through the clutter of combined work emails, personal emails and subscriptions. Gmail has some really awesome tools and apps to help you organize your mail. I think it's the best one to use in terms of usability and productivity!

Julie Barnes said...

Hi Zsa Zsa! I was wasting SO much time sifting through my email that it was ridiculous. I love the labels feature. I agree. I could not live without my Gmail. Have a great week Zsa Zsa and thanks for your comment!

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