Taking Your Quantum Leap! There Is Life After the Corporate World!

by Mariana M. Cooper

The question that I hear so much from clients and friends is "Why is this happening? People are losing their jobs, how are they going to survive?" It is absolutely a challenging time. Perhaps one of the most challenging in recent history because we have the highest expenses ever and many became very used to living a lifestyle that is dependent on a paycheck every 2 weeks, credit and dividends.

I spent 7 years as an employee for a major Fortune 100 company. As many corporate managers and executives do I had a seemingly great lifestyle of travel, a lovely home, nice clothes, the latest gadgets, a nice title that was respected and a big company name that gave me and my MBA a factor of what I call "societal legitimacy." In other words I was legitimate and "worthy or successful" in society because of where I worked, what I did, where I lived, what I wore, what I owned and how big my bonuses were.

I administered downsizings when I was in the human resources department and I actually took a package 14 years ago and left. I was thrilled! I was stripped of my titles, my company name, the big spending budget and knew that I was moving forward toward my passion even though I wasn't quite sure what it was. It was weird to go to events and when asked who I was to just answer I am Mari, without all of the corporate identity add ons. Over time I developed the full descriptions that are filled with both pride and passion. But I had to be willing to strip down first. The Universe then had the space to move me in the right direction.

Do you find that your job has become your identity? Well most people do and if you answered yes you are not alone. But this is one of the LARGEST ILLUSIONS that society has taught us to believe.

And whenever something is extremely unbalanced, the universe brings us back into balance. We are in a time now where we are being called to our "True Life Purpose". Everyone is born with a gift, sometimes several gifts that they have agreed to discover and impart on the world in this lifetime. This gift is also known as your Passion or bliss. It is the work that provides inspiration, product or service to the world and leads people forward in their lives.

So many people get sidetracked with the false claims of society and ignore their true gift, their lifes purpose.

We are now at a turning point world wide as we approach major changes that are ahead. We are all being called forward to seek, recognize and TAKE ACTION in our passions. The gifts that we signed up to offer the world.

The layoffs, job freezes, seeming demise of the markets etc is a time of cleansing and a catalyst for inner self reflection. It is not a time of doom, evil or demise. It is a time where we are all being called to STEP UP! We are being told: "HEY You signed up for something much better than this! Pay attention! Stop the madness! We are here to help you! Please ask so that we can answer!"

There are 3 key questions to now ask yourself and God / The Universe / Spirit:

   1.  What is my purpose?
   2.  What really makes my heart sing? 
   3.  How May I Contribute?

These are the questions that will bring your customized answers from SPIRIT, rapidly. And that is where you need the answers to come from. Not from the news, the naysayers and the analysts.

If you are anxious, confused and feel caught at the crossroad start by getting quiet and asking these 3 questions 3 times a day. Then use your journal to jot down insights and answers that you get through your day. They will come rapidly. As it does not do the Universe any good to keep you on hold!

It is time to take your Quantum Leap! And the Universe is ready and willing to support you!

Just Ask!

Author: Mariana M. Cooper, Aha! Moments, Inc. Marketing & Manifesting Strategist For Enlightened Entrepreneurs. For more information, products and services visit our blog at: www.ahamomentsinc.com


Anonymous said...

Those are wonderful questions for personal growth ever! Each day I remind myself what my passions are, art and empowering others.Am I happy doing this? Yes!
Having a passion for what creates my income is so much more to me than what an income could buy.
I like that you mention how our jobs become our identities and how it is an illusion. I never worked in the corporate world, and am glad I didn't because working for myself and following my passion makes me happy.
I just published my first book and it feels amazing! I can hardly believe it took me so long to accomplish, since it is part of a project that I have been working on for years.
I am also an artist and work as a virtual assistant. Those titles don't define me though. They are simply a part of my bigger picture. Who knows what the future will offer me. There are so many more titles I can collect, so many ways to use my passion to live well.

Deb Bailey said...

Writewhatuknow - Congratulations on your book! You are very fortunate that you never had the corporate experience. :) But it sounds like you are following your path and creating a great life. Thanks so much for sharing your comments!

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