Ready for a Change?

by Diana Long

What's been on your mind lately?

What are you ready to change in your life? Is it your income? Is it the quality of your marriage? Is it to have more fun, more adventure, more meaning in your life?

If you are like most of my clients (and me) you have several things that are on your mind that you want to shift to a higher, better place.

The challenge to change?  Making and sustaining change can be tricky. Changing our behavior and long held patterns can be downright difficult. We resist the very change we say that we want because we unconsciously (or consciously) don't want to leave the  comfort zone of familiarity. There's some truth to the saying, misery loves company".

Truth is, in the short term, it is easier to keep things the same. We stay where we are and cling to our life raft of "status quo." We may not like it, we may complain, bitch and moan about our circumstances but something keeps us stuck. 

Why is it so hard to change?

Change demands us to make a new commitment and to think and act differently.

We have to risk.

If we choose to stay where we are, then we don't have to try that scary new behavior (telling your family member what you REALLY think, or writing and sending that sales letter to your list about your new program). 

If we don't make a change, we protect ourselves from these potential consequences:
  • that we may make a big mistake.
  • the sting of other people's criticism ( or our own inner critic)
  • that our lives will actually change and what that means for our relationships or our lives

Understanding what holds you back is critical to being able to move forward.

Ask yourself, what am I afraid will happen if I  go after this big goal? Whatever answers you get, respect them!  Embrace it. Allow this information to guide you to set up your action plan in a way that addresses what you fear might happen if you make the change. 

3 Ways to Make Profound Changes, Fast & Fearlessly

1. Focus - Determine 1 priority at a time. Often we get excited and try to change to many things at once. You become overwhelmed and go back to old patterns. What do you want to change in the next 21 days? Write it here_________________

2. Ask Why? - You must answer this question! Milk your answer for ALL of the reasons why do you are motivated to make this change.How will you feel in the having of it? What's in it for you? What will this change give you? How will it make your life better? Really take the time to understand your motivation for this change. Your "why" will fuel the "what". Write down your "why"_____________________

3. Support - When we embark on a new path, we truly need the support, guidance, inspiration and tools to empower us. Gather  EVERYTHING you need to succeed. This can be positive people, your coach, inspirational books, quotes, audios, visuals and whatever tools you need to allow you to make an effective change. Write  down ALL the  support you need ( no skimping) to make this change___________________

This fabulously simple 3 step formula will help you to bridge the gap, allowing you to feel more  confidence about making those big changes. Let the shift happen!

Discover how you can achieve the results you want for your business and life by partnering with award winning, life and business coach, Diana Long. Diana offers  private & group coaching programs, teleclasses, seminars, retreats and breakout sessions. Visit Diana's web site to learn more.


Zsa Zsa said...

Fearless and focused. This is what we need to be if we want to change. Thanks for the post, twas a good read! :)

Deb Bailey said...

Glad you enjoyed it, ZsaZsa!

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