The #1 Key to Success? Let Go of the Past!

by Mariana M. Cooper

Does this sound familiar? You buy into the notion of visualizing, affirmations and creating treasure maps for your business success. And you enjoy the planning, the ideas, the creative stuff, the chatting with people about what you do, but once it comes to really stepping forward and actually MARKETING & Making Money, you freeze! You think about all of the things in the past that did not work before.

You can come up with scenario after scenario of how so many "Big Ideas" you had before did not come to pass. For whatever reason they did not work, you never finished, you were put down and figured "maybe it was not a viable idea after all" or even worse you used the "Proof" of someone ELSE'S past to justify why your idea won't work!

"Mary tried that and she went broke, Tom went out on a limb for that and he crashed, Everyone knows that that is not the way to go." These are the poisonous thoughts that go through our heads and kill so many wonderful ideas and businesses from making it out to the world.

One of the biggest requirements of success is to DUMP the past. Yes Dump it! What do you mean Mari? We need our past to know what not to do later. History Repeats itself. My past has made me who I am!

There is a difference  between USING your past for cultivating Wisdom and Discernment and living in the past while using it to justify why going forward won't work or worse yet living back there because the present moment feels filled with anxiety over not knowing what is going to happen next.

The positive way to use your past is to ask your Guides to assist you in only maintaining the wisdom that you have garnered, the discernment of what you have learned from past mistakes and the joy of the love and success that you have experienced and what steps you took to get there.

The negative way to use your past is to justify everything you do with "Well I tried that before and it didn't work and it didn't work for other people I know and so I am not going to even try now." Or "I know from my past that I am just not good at 'xyz' and there is no point in trying to be now."

The solution? Clear it out. On a mental and energetic level recognize and consciously acknowledge that you cannot undo the past. Just can't do it. You also do not have to constantly repeat the past either as that is your choice.

Writing a forgiveness list, saying affirmations such as "I am now willing to let go of the past. I loose, I let go and I move on to focus fully in the present and I KNOW that I will retain the powerful lessons that I garnered at that time to help me in my present moment now." and then choosing what you do want is the key.

On a physical level clean out, clear out and let go. Momentos of wonderful times are great but holding on to every journal, every object etc just perpetuates being stuck.

Remember - today's present moment is tomorrows past. By staying stuck in the past today creates more to get over tomorrow! Stay present today, and create the BEST Opportunity possible to be able to have a past that is filled with wonderful memories and supports you in creating all that you desire going forward!

Author: Mariana M. Cooper, Aha! Moments, Inc. Intuition Expert and Mentor. For more information, products and services go to:

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