What do you say when your prospective client says “I can’t afford your services”?

by Sue Kasson

Recently I have read too many newsletters and have heard too many teleseminars with sales experts telling you how to handle money objections during a sales conversation. What I am hearing and reading is to be aggressive – very aggressive in your response. One call I was on, with a top marketing “guru”, recommended saying, “Well, where can you find the money? Can you take out a loan or refinance your house?” What?? I’m going to take out a loan to pay for your coaching? And, on another call last week, someone tried to sell me internet marketing coaching by telling me that there were only 3 spots left and he would email me each hour as the spaces in the course were taken (in order to rush me into making a choice). It didn’t work.

I have been a sales coach and mentor for 11 years and I don’t believe in being aggressive at all – not just when handling money objections. Why would a client want to hire you….

If you are that pushy on the sales conversation?  It’s jarring for the potential client and too much stress for you to have to sell that way.

I now realize why I get emails from coaches and consultants that say, “Sue, I just cannot be pushy when I talk to my prospective clients. It makes me queasy to even think about selling that way.”

Here’s the good news. No pushiness is ever required! When someone says, “I cannot afford it”, you can say that you understand and tell them about a payment plan or another, less expensive, offer you provide. And, by all means, don’t discount the price of what you initially offered. It devalues you and your services.

Here’s an example. Louise, a woman I was coaching, had a prospect on the phone and offered her an investment in a VIP day. When the potential client explained that she would definitely do it if she only had the money, Louise than offered her a ½ VIP day, which the prospective client was able to afford. If the client had said no again, she could have offered a payment plan.

The important part here – you can sell in a relaxed, authentic way that comes across that way for the prospective client as well.

This assumes several things – you need to have at least 2 clear offers and that it is great to have a lower price point product to offer if money is an issue, like a group class or a home study course. Or just reduce the amount of time you work with the client.

These non aggressive sales tactics of just helping your potential client to decide on the best way to get your services is a matter of fact way of handling price objections. And, if they cannot afford your services, they will still feel good about the interaction with you and would recommend you to their friends.

Remember, there is absolutely no need to be pushy about getting clients. And, if you would like to learn more about offers and relaxed, confident client enrollment conversations, click here to visit www.RelaxIntoSales.com/course today.

If you enjoyed this article and would like more practical sales strategies, click on Zero Stress Selling http://suekasson.com/ today. Sue Kasson is known for her relaxed and authentic customized client enrollment mentoring. She has trained and coached hundreds of people to get more clients and sell more products and services.


rok said...

I personally think that selling is all about character: if you are honest, authentic (as you said) and feel confident about your services/products quality, no need to be stressed or pushy, because in every way you will finish to seize the right customers and get success for your deal

Deb Bailey said...

Rok, I agree! Prospects can pick up on your sincerity. People don't want to be "sold" to, so communicating the value of your products/services - and being authentic will help you to connect with the right people. Thanks for your comments!

Doreen Rainey said...

I completely agree with this blog post Sue and further believe that being aggressive in sales, in general, is so old skool today! I believe that the key to selling is being able to connect what you are offering to needs and desires of your perspective client’s in a genuine way. I do this by keeping the perspective client's goals in front of them and consistently communicating how I feel I am able to be of service to them in accomplishing their stated goal. I recently wrote a blog, http://doreenrainey.com/the-price-you-refuse-to-pay# , that covers this exact challenge.

Deb Bailey said...

Doreen, you are so right! Authentic connection is what it's about today. Thanks for the link, I'm looking forward to reading your blog post. Thanks for your comments!

Anonymous said...

How perfect for me today! As I mentioned in another comment on this site, I'm re-crafting and re-framing the conversations I have with my prospects and constituents in my business. With intention, I'm reading and learning new ways for me to be authentic in my ask for the sale, be of service to the prospect and customer, and maintain confidence in the value I provide.

I had thought of a payment plan, so have that in place. Now I will contemplate a scaled version of my Revival Day to accomodate different opportunities.

Thanks so much for posting this!
Jessica Clark http://roomtobreathe.biz

Deb Bailey said...

Hi Jessica,
As you can see there's a lot of great information here on the blog. There's always something that will help with a problem or give you new insights. Hope you'll visit us often.
Thanks for your comments!

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