Karen Clark on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Taking her direct selling business to the highest level of the company's compensation plan in less than seven years was just the start for Karen Clark.

As the Director of Consultant Development for the corporation, she created training programs for the entire field before founding My Business Presence, an Internet marketing training company.

Now a sought after speaker and author, Karen is dedicated to helping all entrepreneurs master their online presence, including effective use of social media, blogging, and leveraging the search engines. Karen has co-authored two books – Incredible Business and Direct Selling Power, the creator of the Fabulous Facebook for Business DVD and the instructor for the incremental online learning class, Take Action Social Media.

Karen enjoys teaching others where, when and how to spend their time online to establish an effective online presence. Her positive, passionate and engaging manner and her ability to meet people where they are make her training informative and fun! http://www.MyBusinessPresence.com

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