There's an Old Saying...If You Don't Do It, Someone Else Will

I bet that most of us can relate. We may have been talking with a friend, family member or co-worker about a new product, invention, software or system that someone else did and became successful - and they have said, "I had that idea years ago - and didn't do anything with it."

You can hear their sense of "what if" float through the air as they silently think about what "could have been".

For some of us, when we hear that saying, it moves us from procrastination, fear, stalling, delaying, indecisiveness, tentativeness, hesitation and laziness into immediate action. We get busy getting things accomplished because we don't want someone else to beat us to the punch.

However, for some of us, we can hear that saying - and just nod in acknowledgement.

Intellectually, we know that it's very possible that someone else will take the necessary steps to do what we thought of doing or create what we thought of creating. But internally, it's not enough to make us do what we need to do to move our project to the next phase.

We have ideas, concepts, thoughts, products, programs and services we need to get out into the world. We may have spent a significant amount of time telling anyone who would listen all that we are GOING to do. All that we PLAN to do. All that we INTEND to do - yet we don't have the sense of urgency that overcomes the excuses we have:

* I don't know where to start.

* I don't have any help.

* I have to wait until...(you fill in the blank)

We continue to live with those excuses - even when we hear - "If you don't do it, someone else will".

We also allow those excuses to exist because we have a false sense of time. We have convinced ourselves that we will get moving tomorrow. That we have plenty of time. That we will get to it soon. That we will get to it someday. Next week. Next month. Next year.

And then, a couple of years ago, it hit me.

The saying shouldn't be "If you don't do it, someone else will". It should be "If you don't do it, no one will".

And what would be the devastating result of that?

* The people you were supposed to help - won't be helped.

* The people you were supposed to mentor - won't be mentored.

* The people who were supposed to learn from your knowledge - won't get that knowledge.

* The people who were supposed to get their support from you - won't get support.

And this doesn't just apply to a business. It also applies to your personal life. What have you been putting off as it relates to what you want to do with your children, significant other, your extended family and others in your community? Have you been thinking about, planning to and intending to do things to enhance those relationships? Well, if you don't do it - who will?

That knowledge knocked me over the head. It reminded me that those of us who live with purpose...those of us who live with the intention of making a mark...those of us who believe we are here to positively impact others must commit to doing what it takes to get the job done.

We must completely understand that it's not about us. Our gifts, talents and ideas are not for us - they are for others.

With this understanding - the sense of urgency emerges. The desire to overcome the fears and challenges that are holding us back become less important than the inner conviction to realize our full potential.

We now fully embrace the knowledge - and the responsibility of - If we don't do it - no one will.

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© 2012 Doreen Rainey

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