4 Ways to Stay Motivated

by Jamie Dixon

No matter how motivated and positive we feel most of the time, we all have those moments when we feel discouraged and just down. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with this. Here are a few strategies I use when I'm feeling discouraged and unmotivated that you can use too:

1. Be proud of what you have done. So, you've hit a roadblock, and you can't seem to think about anything else. Well, you have accomplished some other goals, right? Celebrate the things you have done, and focus on what you can do better next time.

2. Don't compare yourself to other people. Speaking from my own experience, this is one of the worst things you can do. Instead of wasting time trying to figure out how she did it, put that energy toward improving yourself and making your own dreams come true. Stay focused on doing you, stay in your lane, and walk in the unique purpose God has laid out for you.

3. Remember why you set the goal in the first place. After you've been working toward something for a long time, and things aren't happening exactly the way you want, it can be easy to forget the reason you set the goal, which can cause you to want to give up. So, remembering the WHY can help you keep moving forward.

4. Remember that it's not really about you. Your purpose and mission in life is so much bigger than you; it's about the legacy you're leaving on this earth and the people you're serving. When you're feeling down, think about all the people you're helping and the ways you are touching their lives.

Bio: Dreamer. Lover of life. Goal getter. These are just a few words to describe Jamie Fleming-Dixon, inspirational writer, speaker and entrepreneur. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of For Colored Gurls, a personal development blog with the mission of inspiring and empowering women to live their most Fabulous lives. Additionally, she is owner of Mocha Writer, a boutique copy editing and content creation service. Jamie is also the author of How to Change Your Mindset + Live Your Most Fabulous Life, a motivational book giving women practical tips for creating a more positive mindset, which will enable them to live the lives of their dreams. Visit her online at jamieflemingdixon.com.


Procurement Books said...

Thank you for such a vital reminder. I especially like the part that discusses not comparing yourself to others. This is really hard because if the high level of competition in the business field. But it can help to be happy with what you do and just keep doing your best without worrying that the other company may be doing better than you.

Deb Bailey said...

It will be hard to appreciate what we've accomplished if we always focus on what others are doing. It can also lead us away from what we really want - because we're following others. Thanks for your comments!

Mercy Mathews said...

Excellent post. One of the toughest things about running a business is staying motivated. You can read my story here- www.howtomakemoneyfreelancing.com

Deb Bailey said...

Thanks for your comments!

Jamie Fleming-Dixon said...

Thank you for your comments!

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