Going with the "Flo:" Why a Mascot can Help with Marketing Strategies

by Susan Wells

If you watch even the smallest ounce of television during your downtime then you've probably seen the spectacle known as "Flo"—the extra perky, retro-looking Progressive Auto Insurance sales associate played by actress Stephanie Courtney.  Since she's hit the scene in 2008, she has been the insurance company's most successful mascot. She's fictional, yet still has more than a whopping 4 million "likes" on her Facebook Fan Page--almost triple the amount of fans that the fast food chain restaurant Arby's has.  What does Progressive's marketing team know that some entrepreneurs don't? Mascots can help your business boom. To see why you should strongly consider a mascot, continue reading below.

Makes Brand More Identifiable

First and foremost, mascots help significantly when it comes to branding—especially if you choose an animal mascot. Just look at the success of Geico—mostly everyone knows that when they see a green gecko or a quaking duck, they're watching a car insurance commercial or an extended medical insurance commercial respectively. It’s the easiest way for consumers to recognize a brand. If you want to have the best luck when it comes to brand recognition, then get a mascot—no matter if you choose a human, animal, or even a cartoon character like Captain Morgan to represent you company—it can definitely help solidify your presence.

Allows Consumers to "Connect"

Another advantage of a mascot, some experts say, is that consumers are more willing to "connect" with a fictional character/ mascot on social media sites than they are a "business." For example, consumers are willing to "like" Flo and hear her talk about auto insurance discounts and packages than they are from Progressive Auto Insurance itself. A mascot seems more approachable since consumers typically find them funny etc. Not to mention a mascot doesn't appear as eager or pushy when trying to make a sale like other businesses, something a consumer admires when "liking" a business fan page. 

Lends for More Creativity

Last but certainly not least, a mascot can open up doors of creativity, especially when it comes to creating future advertisements and promotional pieces. Depending on your target audience, your mascot can be funny or serious and help drive the message you're trying to get across home. And once again, you mascot can help with branding if you turn out some stellar ads.

Susan is a freelance blogger who enjoys writing about entrepreneurship and marketing. She often researches and writes about automobile, property and health insurance, helping consumers find the best insurance quotes online. Susan welcomes comments.


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