Shift Your Energy to Jump Start Your Cash Flow!

by Mariana M. Cooper

Did you know that low cash flow is actually caused by low energy in your life? Most people think that they have to work harder in order to make more money however that is not normally the case.

When cash flow slows way down or stops it's usually for one of 3 reasons:

1. The Universe and your Guides are letting you know that it is time to change direction. Often times when we are being led toward bigger and better things, or things that will be in more alignment with our passion, our current cash flow stops. This is especially true if we have been ignoring our inner voice for a while or working at a job that really stresses us, out in fear, just for bills etc.

2. We are thinking more about how much money we need and lacing it with fear, than about what contribution we can be to others. One of the best questions you can ask yourself when you get up in the morning or throughout the day is "what contribution can I be that is the equivalent of (insert how much money you would like to make) in energy exchange." This acknowledges your willingness to contribute and receive reciprocal energy exchange in the form of cash, completing the cycle. 

3. We are using up our time focusing on heavy, stressful, low-energy topics and conversations that cause us to spend a lot of time spinning negative energy. My biggest advice to anyone who is going through tough times with money flow is to TURN OFF the NEWS!!! And focus your energy on positive things, physical activity, creative endeavors, going out in nature and whatever else makes you Feel Good.

When you focus on the hard news and all the doom and gloom stories of the day, and you feel your mood shift, whatever work you've done to create more cash flow in your life goes out the window because you've taken your energy so far down and like attracts like. I see it happen over and over again. We get very inspired with all kinds of great ideas and then we have a conversation with a negative person or listen to the horror stories of the day on the news and our energy drops.

Even if we're trying to ignore it, it's still the energy spinning in the wrong direction and your cash flow is directly related to your personal energy and what you focus on with emotion. There is just no way around that.

To keep up with what's going on in the world minimize your exposure to news programs that drone on and on about how horrible everything is. Read a digest on the internet or check the basic headlines in the paper and let go of excessive exposure which causes undue anxiety, stress, analysis, judgement, criticism... need I say more?

So what can you do energetically to turn things around?

1. Ask a Question: The best way to get answers from the Universe is to ask a question! Each morning, ask yourself questions like, "What contribution can I be today that will also generate cash flow?" or "What fun can I have today that will also make me money?" These are just a couple of examples, but you can come up with your own, that really resonate with you as well. You will be amazed when you invite the Universe to have a conversation with you instead of constantly declaring how bad things are or how worried you are. 

2. Take Action, Money May Come from Unexpected Sources: Generally, when you're in alignment, cash flow comes easily. I'm not saying that you don't have to work, but your efforts are rewarded pretty quickly, often it comes from an unexpected source and not necessarily from your direct efforts. So be open to receive from wherever the Universe wants to send it from!

3. Joy Generates Cash! Take time to play!: It is important to be organized, consistent and diligent in your efforts to create cash, however when you are having fun it is BY FAR the BEST energy to Generate more cash flow! When you are joyful, you are contributing to the greater energy of the Universe and the overall Group Consciousness. That reflects back to you as synchronicities, rich happy financial surprises, new sources of income and more sustainable cash flow!

Just trying a few of these tips should get things moving for you!! Give yourself a chance and let the flow begin!

And Remember to Always Trust Your Aha!

Author: Mariana M. Cooper, Aha! Moments, Inc. Marketing & Manifesting Strategist For Enlightened Entrepreneurs. For more information, products and services visit our blog at:

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