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Kim Zaninovich grew up in San Pedro, CA, with a passion for independent film, dating back to summers as a kid, when she would walk back and forth to the local store to rent VHS tapes of obscure movies. When she was old enough to drive, she would go to a tiny art-house theatre near her house in Hermosa Beach.

It was one day while attending Boston University that she went to see a presentation of the making of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast," created by a fellow college student. Zaninovich then realized that was exactly what she would like to do. She spoke to the student and was told about an internship. Shortly afterwards, she was hired as a marketing intern for Buena Vista Pictures. She worked hard and loved every minute of it.

She worked on every film that three divisions of Buena Vista Pictures generated. Through Hollywood Pictures, Touchstone and Walt Disney Pictures, she helped build awareness around films like "Cool Runnings," "The Nightmare Before Christmas," "Ed Wood," "The Lion King" and "Pocahontas."

She was soon after hired by Fox Searchlight, where she got to work closely with amazing filmmakers like Bernardo Bertolucci, Spike Lee and Al Pacino.

Zaninovich then moved into television, where she worked as a Talent Executive for E! for three years. It was at an agency called Genex that Zaninovich finally let her entrepreneurial spirit shine. It was there that she started Genex Honey, a kind of boutique shop within the company.

Zaninovich helped create their own branding, process, identity and pitch angle, giving her a chance to use the same creativity she now employs in her own company, Crowd Control.

"When you market a film, you reinvent yourself as a thinker and producer," she says. "We were just applying our marketing experience to ourselves."

Not too long after, Zaninovich's real business success story began, when she went off on her own to launch Crowd Control, a successful company that provides representation and staffing services for agencies and brands, finding the best-in-class digital creative talent for projects. 

Zaninovich states, "Crowd Control was definitely born from a need."

The catalyst for the idea of Crowd Control happened from an experience in which Zaninovich was constantly getting calls from friends and colleagues who would ask for referrals for people with specific skill sets for their projects, and with 15 years of production experience behind her, she usually did.

Because she looks at it from a producer's perspective, she's very good at matching talent and budget with project.

"With the nuances that are a part of developing a project in today's creative and technical environment, it's more about being a curator than a recruiter or rep."

At Crowd Control, she works with individuals and specialized agencies, producers, project managers, designers and developers, creative directors, strategists and information architects, sound designers and composers, motion and 3D animators, interactive installation developers, hardcore back-end and front-end programmers, game creators, mobile developers, app masterminds, and content creators like filmmakers and writers.

Zaninovich says that running her own business is a "crazy mix of terrifying and exhilarating." There are the typical business owner worries of cash flow, the list of tasks that make up every day's schedule and the time needed to complete them, staying fresh in the industry, and keeping her knowledge base strong.

Date: Wednesday, October 10th 
Time: 8:00 pm EDT 

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