Five Tips for Balanced Living

Enthusiasm for alternative wellness is rising. I believe that the most important health practices happen before you have problems. Said differently, we reap what we sow. Healthy living over a lifetime adds up. Not always but often.

I recently I went to see a new, highly recommended acupuncturist, Dr. KS Tsay. He is the real deal, the acupuncturist that the acupuncturists go to. Dr. Tsay's command of English was about as good as my understanding of Chinese meridians. After a brief "conversation" where I shared that I was a healthy eater, a regular exerciser, etc., he told me to eat less sugar.
I felt like a kid caught with my hand in the cookie jar (literally). I was (sugar) busted. Later, on the table, he proceeded with his assessment, pulling down my eyelids, prodding and, of course, poking me. Again he chided me: "Less sugar. Stick out tongue. Ah, yes, see? I know. Less sugar, you hear me? Less sugar!"
Sometimes we can be so focused on all the complex things to improve our health that we forget the simple ones (like eating less sugar).
After my treatment, Dr. Tsay sent me on my way with a list of 20 Balanced Living Suggestions, all of which are brilliant in their elegance and simplicity (and which I have posted in my Free Resources section on my website). Here are a few of them:

  • Cultivate a cheerful and optimistic way of looking at life.
  • Chew your food well.
  • Go to bed early.
  • Spend at least one hour a day outside.
  • Try to help others in every way you can.
Ah, if only it were so simple to live them. All we can do is our best, right? And try every day to make good choices for better, balanced living. And now I'm off to buy fish and seaweed!
About the author: Camille Preston is the founder and CEO of AIM Leadership, an organizational development company committed to developing powerful, authentic leaders. She is the author of Rewired: How to Work Smarter, Live Better, and Be Purposefully Productive in an Overwired World. She is a psychologist, executive coach, writer, facilitator, and highly sought-after public speaker. For more than twenty years, she has guided leaders, executives, policy makers, professionals, and individuals alike to new heights of leadership, performance, efficiency, and greater happiness and fulfillment.

AIM is one of the country’s premier leadership development firms with a dozen associates and hundreds of blue chip, Fortune 500, government, nonprofit, and private clients around the globe, including NBC, Zappos, MGM Mirage, Citrix, the Corporate Executive Board, Mars, Verizon, GE, Capitol One, the US Army, and others.


Procurement Books said...

I could really use these tips for a balanced living. I have been working on spending at least an hour (mornings) outside with my furkids. You're right, it helps give you a new perspective in life and gets you ready for the the rest of the day.

Deb Bailey said...

It sounds like you've begun your own plan for balance - sounds great! Sometimes it's hard to get started, but it's worth taking the time away from work and all the things on the "to do" list. Thanks for your comments.

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