Are You Putting YOU in Your Business and Marketing?

by Therese Skelly

Newsflash - your customers want YOU. The real you. Not the made up, socially acceptable, photo-shopped, watered down, cleaned up version. YOU with all your 'stuff,' all your passion, all your thoughts, beliefs, and magic.

But most of us would rather get a root canal done than put our quirky selves out in the public arena. We have been taught to comply, dress like a professional, go along, get along, and be nice. (Especially for girls...that nice thing is really pounded in to the female psyche.)

So along comes "Auntie Therese" who is gonna ruffle your feathers by saying that in order to stand apart from the crowd, you have to be unique.

The #1 mistake most of us make is that we start out being really passionate, and even obstinate about what we believe, but then somehow create websites that look like a third rate template version with some generic watered down message.

Why? Because we get afraid. Afraid that if we are as real as we want to be, there will be judgment. Folks may think we are weird. Or frauds. Or flakes.

Or we get into the story that what we want to sell just fly in the marketplace. So we dumb-down.

What happens is that your prospects see the site or marketing materials and silent says, "huh?" because they don't get your energy. They probably just click away and you have lost the opportunity to be of service to them.

My work (and what makes me the most passionate) is to get my hands on you and your business so I can help you discover the YOU that is going to be out there.

How do I do this?

By asking questions that pull out of you your brilliance. Here is a list of some of my favorites:

What's your voice?
What do you love?
What are you passionate about?
What are you taking a stand for your clients for?
What are some of your success stories?
Why are you doing this business?
If you had permission to get out there, what would that look like?

When I can get my clients opening up to this level of reflection, they are often blown away. Actually, sometimes they cry because there is a feeling of being more authentic and almost a 'coming home' to the dream they had for their business.

There's nothing better than that as a coach, when I can help someone find their voice and get their brilliance out in the world in a way that allows them to bring all of who they are to the table. That's when money, and satisfaction, and all things good come from.

Now it's your turn! Let me ask you a few questions...

Are you holding back from being fully expressed in your business? If yes, what are you afraid of? What would you have to let go of in order to really put all of you into your work. I bet it's a story....something like, "They won't think I'm professional" or "No one cares if I sing karaoke or home-school my kids....what does that matter." Or you may be stuck on, "But what if some people don't like me or I offend them with what I say?"

Guess what gang - this is where you get to push past your limits. This is why the entrepreneurial journey is like a spiritual path. On this journey, you get to bounce into those scared places in you and use courage to come out on the other side more authentic, more expressed, and of more service. Don't run away from this! This is the work we are all here to do. When I take on a new client, in my mind growing their business is actually secondary. What's first - their transformation. OK, I just came out of the closet on what gives me the most juice. If I can help you transform thru the process of business development, your family is better off, your life is better off, and everyone around you benefits from the work you have done.

That's the challenge for you as we near the end of the year.

How can your business be more like a mission?

How can you use your work to make a bigger difference?

And finally, who do you have to become to make those first two questions real?

So when you are reflecting on New Year's Eve, go a bit deeper. If you do, your business (and life) will be a whole lot more rewarding in 2013!

Big blessings my friends!!!

(c) 2012 Therese Skelly. Discover a simple, yet surprising secret to getting unstuck in your small business by visiting and signing up for her next free workshop and receive a free audio "Uncovering the 7 Biggest Money Drains in Your Business-Tips and Tactics to Stop Losing Money Each Month."

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