Power Up Your 2013

by Doreen Rainey

Whether we do it formally by writing it down and sharing it with others, or whether we just have a few thoughts that we keep to ourselves, it's hard not to set new goals when a new year approaches.

There are some who make resolutions every year, and then those who absolutely refuse to because they don't believe they will stick to them.

Wherever you may fall when it comes to this, we all tend to get a new burst of energy, a renewed sense of hope and a surge of power about what amazing things are possible for our lives when a new year rolls around.

One thing I've learned over the years is that the energy, hope and power surge most definitely needs to be wrapped around a practical plan for making real progress and experiencing real change. What's a "practical" plan look like?

Here are my top 3 tips to put you on the right path to power up your 2013:

1. Take a look in the rear view mirror.

You absolutely want to take some time to acknowledge what's happened in 2012. What worked and what didn't work? What do you want more of and what do you want less of? What things would you do differently and what would you do exactly the same? What were you biggest moments of celebrations and what were you biggest disappointments?

Important lessons can be garnered from answering these questions. It allows you to clearly see what you want to leave behind and what you want to focus on as you move into your new year.

2. Decide and declare what your top two priorities are.

You can't change everything at once. You can't work on every goal at the same time. You can't have an action plan for many targets. The best thing you can do to position yourself for success is to focus on no more than two areas at a time.

Maybe you want to make changes in your finances, health, career and you want to have more balance in your life. That's too much at one time! Give yourself a break right from the beginning. Give yourself permission to put some of those on the back-burner while you make real, lasting change in just two of them.

3. Be ready to work.

If you want something more or different, you are going to have to do more and different. No matter how it may look on the outside, people who achieve their biggest goals work really hard to get there. Stop looking for shortcuts because there are very few.

I'm talking "blood, sweat and tears" kind of work. I'm talking late nights and early mornings. I'm talking about staring down fear and focusing on results. I'm talking about stop looking to your left and right, thinking "they" have it easier. Believe me, they don't. EVERYONE has to work for it.

If you do set some goals for the coming year, I encourage you to take heed to these three tips. They will help you define real goals, keep you focused and remind you to keep working!

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© 2012 Doreen Rainey

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