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Recently one of my contacts sent me information about a new skincare, spa and loungeware company called, Seriluna ( I love trying out bath & body products, so I was especially excited when I received samples to try out.

When you're trying out skincare products with names like, "Love Your Body Butter" and "Shea Butter Revitalizing Lotion" you know you're in for a treat. I'm certainly someone who is always looking out for products that are nourishing to dry skin - especially when winter comes. Busy entrepreneurs don't usually take time out for pampering, but you don't have time for the trip to a spa, try one of these wonderful products.

Not only does Seriluna have an online store (where you can check out their full line of head-to-toe skincare and loungeware) but they also are providing entrepreneurial opportunities if you're looking to create some additional income for the holiday season. 

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Seriluna wants its clients to feel completely pampered, which is why the spa quality, natural products are available exclusively through Independent Seriluna Consultants. From a casual patio gathering to a sophisticated evening cocktail party, or a “Spa Happy Hour,” Seriluna Consultants offer an intimate and entertaining opportunity that emphasizes the importance of relaxation in a hectic and stressful world, focusing  on wellness and natural beauty.

"Seriluna's mission is to help women create financial security for themselves and their families by providing reasonably priced, natural skincare, spa products and loungewear to their network of friends and family," says Steve Schuster, Founder & CEO of Seriluna, "We believe that through our simple direct sales approach, women can earn extra money doing what they love surrounded by the people they love.  We are excited to support women who would like to start their own business and create something for themselves while nurturing others and enhancing their well being and natural beauty."

Seriluna’s beauty and spa brand assures women they will experience a transformation through technologically advanced, nutrient-rich, and high performance, formulations that improve their appearance, overall skin health, as well as provide environmental protection.  All of the natural products are made in the USA.

To find out more visit or call 888-380-2931.

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