You Gotta Get Good At Discovery Sessions, Here’s How

by Kendall SummerHawk

No matter what it is you’re launching — private clients, VIP Days, group programs, workshops, even teleseminars and info products — getting your ideal clients engaged on the phone with you in a Discovery session is a must have part of your client attraction sequence.

And no matter how new or experienced you are today at delivering discovery sessions, there’s always room for improvement.

For example, if you’re just getting started in your business your goal can be to "convert" 50% (or more) of your calls into paying clients and to focus on filling your calendar with a minimum of 10 discovery sessions per week.

If you’re more experienced and already getting a higher conversion rate, say even 90 – 100%, then challenge yourself by raising your fees or adding a team member on to sell for you.

Keep in mind that the goal in a discovery call is to transform ideal candidates into paying clients, so it’s important to understand that this call isn’t just a friendly chat and it’s not "free coaching".

The key part of any discovery call is to make an offer. But what happens if you freeze when it comes time to offer your services?

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to transform you discovery sessions into paying clients, using a simple coaching technique called “preframing". You don’t have to be a coach to use preframing, and using it will help you substantially increase the number of people who say "Yes" to your offer.

Here are 3 simple tips on how to use preframing to increase your discovery session success rate.

Tip #1 – Respectfully and Confidently Take Charge of the Call

Start by giving your prospective client a brief description of what’s going to happen for them. For example, you can say:

“We have about 30 minutes together and in this time we’re going to discover in-depth what your current situation is and what the best direction is for you to head in. And then we’ll see if there’s a fit for how I can help you solve your situation so you can get what you want.”

By setting yourself up as the leader of the conversation you give yourself a powerful place from which to make an offer.

Tip #2 – Load Up Their Problem with Possibilities

While you don’t want to shy away from digging deeply into your prospective client’s challenges, if you let them go into a "well of despair" they won’t believe they can get what they want when you finally make your offer.

Instead, keep listening for what’s possible for them while they are sharing what they’re stuck on. I like to make a list of what their challenges are, and what the opportunities are for them once the challenges are solved.

Giving them a summary during the call (starting with the challenges first) immediately installs value because your prospective client is seeing for themselves what is at stake in staying stuck…and how much they can achieve by taking action. This creates awesome anticipation and energy for them to want to say yes to you!

Tip #3 – Convert Their "Pain" Into A Tangible Number

Even if you offer softer services, your prospective client’s struggling is likely costing them money or preventing them from making money in some way. By linking their pain with tangible numbers you’ll help them see the financial value in working with you. Show them this connection and you’ll automatically increase your success rate in your discovery sessions.

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