Stop Chasing Your Dreams

by Doreen Rainey

As a part of this RADICAL community, there's no doubt you have some goals, aspirations and dreams that you want to bring to reality. I feel the same way. I have worked for years "chasing dreams" "pursuing goals" and "running for the prize".

Well, I have to tell you, while chasing, pursuing and running got me real results - it's also created moments of fatigue and tiredness!

Have you ever felt that way? That you were doing, doing, doing, and while you were making progress, you were wearing yourself out - becoming exhausted?

The definition of the word chase is to: Pursue in order to catch or catch up with.

By chasing our dreams, we've put our success into the future, ahead of us - trying desperately to catch up with them so we can feel accomplished. This process has the ability to make us feel lacking in where we are in our lives or business right now! No wonder we're exhausted - we're expending our energy working to get something in the future while living in a current state of wanting, needing and believing that something is missing in the present.

This year, I've committed to have my own RADICAL Revolution - to look at each area of my business and life and focus on what do I need to stop doing and what do I need to start doing to create more of what I want and less of what I don't want.

Last week, I spent time with four amazing coaches and women CEOs sharing and learning from one another and I realized that chasing, pursing and running, positions me behind my goals, behind my "prizes" and behind my dreams. So I decided to stop chasing the dream and start BEING the dream.

What does that mean?

It's taking a step back and becoming very deliberate and intentional about what you do by asking yourself: What does being in my dream today look like?

Dream of being an entrepreneur? What can you do today to be that? Maybe it's research, making calls, setting up a meetings or working on business plan.

Dream of losing weight and a healthy lifestyle? What can you do today to be that? Get enough sleep? Make a different food choice? Go for a walk?

Dream of a promotion at work? How would you treat your staff, team, coworkers or boss if were in that role today? How should you "show up" and "engage" at work differently today?

Dream of a stronger relationship with your significant other? How can you communicate with them today? How can you treat them today? What can you do to strengthen it today - even by just a little?

Dream of having more money? How can you better budget today? How can you make wiser financial decisions today?

Chasing the dream and being the dream is really about making a small shift in the way we act, what we do and who we be (I don't think that's proper English!) on a daily basis so that we don't see our goals as a far off opportunity, but as something we can experience to a certain degree each and every day.

I challenge you to your own RADICAL Revolution and to stop chasing - and start being.

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© 2013 Doreen Rainey

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