How To Fall In Love With Your Brand All Over Again

by Martina Zorc
People can tell when you are enthusiastic about your business, and they can certainly tell when you're not. Provided that you have a proper foundation in place and you offer a high quality solution to an urgent problem, your belief in your brand and your inner drive to spread the word about it are what makes you magnetic and irresistible to do business with.

You might argue that business and emotions don't mix well, and on many occasions and under many circumstances, that's true. But when it comes to infusing your brand with life and personality, and communicating its value to your audience, passion, energy, and care are key.

So, if exhaustion, challenges, or disenchantment ever take over for a moment, here's the nine-step antidote…

Make more money
Often, not meeting your desired income goal, or simply living in fear of where the next client is coming from, is the main – if not the only – reason you feel drained or disappointed. To make sure your income increases and becomes steady and predictable, put systems in place that will support your success, especially a well defined and refined client attraction, enrollment and retention system.

Ask your clients what they love about you and your brand
Your clients can eliminate any self-doubt faster than anyone else! Who better than them can remind you of the powerful and empowering role your brand is playing in the world? Go through the testimonials you've already gathered, celebrate the success stories, and then invite new ones to be recorded or written by your favorite, most successful clients. Ask them to share what they love about working with you, and why they chose you and your brand to provide them with the solution they'd been looking for in the first place.

Ask your mentor about how (s)he sees you and your brand
Your mentor is someone you respect and admire, and if you think about it, it must be mutual, otherwise they probably wouldn't have taken you on as a client. They can certainly see your potential, and will be happy to give you the encouragement or the wake-up call you need to keep blasting forward.

Ask your business friends for feedback
You can expect valuable feedback with straightforward answers to any of your what-do-you-think-of-me-and-my-brand type of questions from your business friends, as well. They can be your mirror when you can't see your own brilliance, and help you re-own it and re-feel it and re-celebrate it even when you're on the verge of giving up your entrepreneurial dreams.

Remember your why and what gets you all fired up

Reconnect with the big WHY behind your brand. Why have you started your business? What were you excited about, and how did your brand fit into this vibrant, optimistic, joyful picture? Write it all down in detail. If you're still committed to the same WHY, re-igniting the fire of enthusiasm and determination shouldn't take very long.

Tap into the vision of your brand's future evolution
Can you see the journey ahead of you, and most importantly, can you see the destination? Even one next step that represents growth, expansion, and the next version of your and your brand will do. The important thing is to always keep an eye on your aspirations and your big bold goals, despite your focus on the present, and despite your involvement in the day to day business operations.

Keep upleveling your audience's experience with your brand
Raising the bar continuously in all areas of your business will help you stay on top of your game, and on the thriving edge of the 'latest and greatest' in your field of expertise. Putting brand experience at the center of your attention, wowing your community by acquiring, applying, and sharing fresh information, as well as growing professionally and personally will help you get your mojo back sooner than you realize.
Write down all the compliments you receive

There's one other step you can take beside thanking the person paying you and/or your brand a compliment – you can write it down, and save it for moments when you need a little boost to get you back into a good, creative, and money making mood. It's a simple strategy, but very effective. Just watch and see how quickly the compliments will pile up!

Start a gratitude journal
A gratitude journal can help you stay present in the moment and embrace your own path, your own journey, your own uniqueness, instead of beating yourself up for not doing more, achieving more, being more, and constantly comparing yourself to other entrepreneurs. Every day, start and complete your day by writing down what you're thankful for, and make sure your business and your brand get some well deserved space in your gratitude journal. The more you'll bond with and nurture your brand, the stronger and more successful it will become. After all, what you pay attention to, grows…

Martina Zorc supports growth-driven entrepreneurs and small business owners to create and monetize an irresistible brand that helps them attract, enroll, and keep their ideal, high paying clients, and get ready for top media coverage, so they can build profitable businesses and enjoy the lifestyle they’ve always desired. Claim your free audio training on the “Top 5 Secrets of a Red Carpet Brand”, and discover how to learn from and work with Martina at

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