3 Ways to Generate Income in Your Solo Pro Business Fast

by Barbara Saunders

Most solo professionals tend to think of ‘work’ as projects for clients. Income becomes tied to clients. When you cannot find enough clients to keep us busy – you freeze up. But really what you’re after is income.

The ‘hidden’ downside to focusing exclusively on chasing more clients – especially when you need money fast – is that you very often make ‘deals’ that are not in your best interest just to get some money. You end up with clients that don’t value you or your services, take advantage of your situation, and are usually far more trouble than they’re worth.

I want to share with you three ways to generate fast cash flow for your business that don’t involve frantically chasing clients.

You can do this easily. You’re already an expert at what you do. You have all the tools you need. You just need a little mind shift. These three simple quick tactics will make you feel much more in control.

Fast Income Generator #1 | Have a Sale

Companies have been doing that for years. Why can’t you? If you haven’t created any information products yet – package some of your related services. For example, for one time only combine a business branding assessment where you offer an critique of a companies overall marketing collateral effectiveness. Is it consistent online and off? Is the message clear? Do they have a clear up sell? Are they clear who their client is?

Be sure the you only deliver the ‘assessment’ – then make it clear that to fix the problems, they need to hire you. Have your up sell ready and clear. Keep your assessment priced reasonably so it’s an ‘easy yes’.

A word of caution: Do not do this more than once a year. You don’t want clients waiting for the bargain. Also, do not let this  seem like your lowering your prices. You’re just giving them a deal. You could promote it as your Start-The-New-Year-Off-With-A-Bang Special. Make it for a very limited time and you could offer a limited number of participants too – only 10 spots! – to get more interest.

Brainstorm some other ways that you could create a sale with your services. Here are a few more ideas:

  • Team up with other service providers and offer a one-time combination package like a copy writer and designer or a business consultant. Get creative and get involved with some joint ventures.
  • Offer 20-hours of support (or whatever) to be used over a specific time period (like 3 or 6 months), they only get a deal if they sign up now.
  • Throw in a special consultation session for free.

Fast Income Generator #2 | Do a Teleclass or Teleseries

These can be launched quite quickly and can be very popular (tip: they can easily be turned into a product down the road). Don’t over complicate it. These can be super simple. Here’s all you do:
  • Choose one of your client’s biggest challenges
  • Break it down into sub-topics. Each sub-topic can be one teleclass
  • Add a handout, workbook or transcript
  • Add a live Q&A session if you’d like (Go to FreeTeleconferencing.com and click on the Free Conference Call button, fill in your information and you’re in. You’ll be ready to hold and record your own teleclasses

Now market your pants off – blast to twitter, FaceBook, post it on Linked In Events, invite all of your present and potential clients, and announce it at all of the networking events you go to, get others to promote it too

Fast Income Generator #3 | Launch a Product

An email course is the perfect product to get up and earning quickly. You create the first lesson and announce the course to your clients and customers. You can launch your product and start generating sales before the product is finished. You need to be sure you stay at least one lesson ahead so you deliver each lesson on time. Your course can be three or six weeks. Again – Don’t over complicate it.

One Last Tip

Don’t wait for perfection. You’re not going to get everything in your teleclasses or email course the first time. The thing is, it will be far more information than your future students have now so it will be of value to them. And don’t fuss over the writing, editing or design too much. The object is to get it out there and get money in. A major failing many solo pros suffer from is the need to make everything perfect before anyone sees it. That can be paralyzing. It will never be perfect. Resist the urge to tweak. The objective is not a perfect piece of artwork. The objective is income.

So create it, launch it, let it fly and rake in the dough. Remember – Always have an up sell.

Author Info: Barbara Saunders is a publication designer and has run a successful solo pro business for more than a decade. She is the Solo Pro Success Coach and the Director of the International Association of Self-Employed Communication Professionals and the Solo Pro Academy. She also hosts the Solo Pro Radio show everyday at 10am Pacific and 1pm Eastern It’s our mission to build community and help creative solo pros build and run successful businesses by providing support, innovation, tools, and strategies. Our goal is to liberate our members from the feast and famine cycle.

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