Are You In Phase Two?

by Doreen Rainey

I call it "the dip".

Not only have I seen this happen to others, but I have been a victim of it as well. And maybe...just maybe, it's happened to you.

What is "the dip"?

It's the moment that happens after the excitement wears off.

You know what I'm talking about. You join the gym. You start writing that book. You freeze your credit cards. You sign up for a class, workshop or program and all systems are GO!

You're motivated, committed and focused. You have gotten a glimpse of the finish line and the overwhelming desire to succeed has you absolutely pumped up.

You arrange your schedule and put others on alert that you have a new priority - that you have a "must do it" goal and there's no stopping you. You make tough choices in favor of your goal. You make a few sacrifices in the name of your goal. And you don't mind one bit. Your eye is on the prize and nothing can divert your attention.

That's what I call "Phase One".

For some, this lasts for months. For others, several weeks. Then, there are the few that feel this euphoria for only a couple of days. And on the rare occasion, I've known a couple of people to wake up in phase one and then by lunchtime...

So, if this is Phase One, what is Phase Two?

It's the point where all the adrenalin disappears - POOF! It's gone. Phase Two is where the excitement has waned. The priority has dropped waaaaaay down on the list. The prize you once refused to take your eyes from is now blurred and seemingly farther away than ever.

And the most frustrating part? You feel completely confused!

What happened? What happened to the "no matter what" attitude? What happened to the "100% committed" mantra. Why have you suddenly found it so hard to do the things that came so easily in Phase One - getting up earlier, sticking to your schedule, saying no when necessary, following your plan?

Well, the good news is, you're not unique and you're not alone. The "dip" always comes. No one can escape it. But it's how you respond to the "dip" that determines whether you graduate to Phase Three or whether you settle in for the long haul in Phase Two.

What is phase Three? It's re-commitment. So how do you get there?

Take a look at the plan and strategy you created to reach your goals in Phase One, as Phase Two is reality check time. Sometimes, in the excitement of Phase One, we are too aggressive and it can be a set up for failure.

Go back and adjust your plan, cut yourself some slack, get your eyes back on the prize and get back into action with a process that's sustainable.

If you do that, you'll quickly move to Phase Three and be on your way to achieving your biggest goals.

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© 2012 Doreen Rainey

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