Author Q&A: Winning in the Trust and Value Economy

Meridith Elliott Powell is an internationally certified coach, speaker, business development expert and author of Winning in the Trust and Value Economy: A Guide to Sales Success and Business Growth . Founder and owner of MotionFirst, she helps executives and business owners build cultures that make sales fun, easy and incredibly productive.

Honors include the Athena Leadership Award, inclusion in Verve Magazine’s “Top 20 Professional Women to Watch” (2010) and selection as “Best Business Coach” by the WNC Business Journal in 2008. She also just signed on with a major online radio network to host her own weekly show starting in June.

Meridith's book is a practical how-to book for business owners, entrepreneurs, sales managers and other professionals looking to stay competitive in today’s market. She's stopping by the blog today to share more information about her work.

Deb Bailey: What prompted you to write: Winning in the Trust and Value Economy: A Guide to Sales Success and Business Growth?  

Meridith E. Powell: This was a book that had to be written. In 2008, as the economy started to shift, I began to see such a change in our business landscape… companies and organizations were struggling, stuck or having the best year of their careers. There seem to be no in between; success or struggle. The more I watched, the more I learned, and the more it became clear that succeeding in this economy, what I call a Trust & Value Economy, called for a different approach and a new ways of doing things. This is the book that both explains the shift and provides the methodology for success.

Deb: So, would you share what the book is about?
Meridith: How to first understand, that adjust, then succeed in this new economy. The book is both a guide, as well as an explanation of how this economy has shifted, why it is different and never going back to the way that it was, and what you need to do as a CEO, business owner and/or professional to succeed. It both shows you the steps as well as highlights companies and organizations that are doing it.

Deb: Obviously the economy has an affect on people across the board. Who do you think will benefit the most from reading this book?

Meridith: The book is written for CEOs, entrepreneurs, and professionals; anyone who is interested in learning how to grow their business in the Trust & Value Economy.

Deb: I'm sure you know this is a very popular topic. What do feel makes your book different? 

Meridith: First, I am the only one that has really given the economy a name; the Trust & Value Economy. In addition, the book is not only an explanation of the economy, but more importantly how to succeed in it. Just by reading this one book, you will fundamentally understand what is going on, learn from real-life businesses that have made the shift, and then be given the steps and the plan to implement into your own business.  Lastly, I am not just some author writing about a subject, this is how I run my business, this is the plan I follow, and I know it is successful.

Deb: Once they've finished reading, what points would you like your readers to come away with?

Meridith: I want them to come away first with hope and belief that they can be successful in this economy. Next I want them to be motivated to take action, and lastly to have a strategy and a plan of action they can implement immediately. And for me, I want to hear their success stories. I want their story to be in my next book!

Deb: What's the best advice you could give to woman entrepreneurs today?

Meridith: Learn early to ask for what you want and need. Learn early to stop always sacrificing yourself, and put some of your wants and needs first. The  best way to help others is to first get yourself into a position where you both  have the knowledge and the means to do so. And as you begin to succeed; commit, commit, commit to helping everyone else (who shows initiative and is committed to hard work ) have an easier path than you had!

Deb: What inspires you? 

Meridith: How much I learn and grow. I love what I do, and I gain far more than I give. The variety of writing, speaking, coaching and consulting; gives me the opportunity to work in many different ways and in many different industries. In addition, I believe this is the BEST economy for entrepreneurs to be successful, and I am inspired to be a part of their path.

Deb: You've shared a lot of great information. Please let everyone know where they can buy your book.

Meridith: Amazon, Barnes and Nobles (both online) or on my website

Deb: Thanks for stopping by, Meridith. Would you share your website and social media URLs so my readers can learn more about you and your work?

Meridith: You're welcome, Deb. Here you go!


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