Become A Networking Junkie

by Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, Expert Copywriting Strategist

I have to be honest, one of the reasons I became a copywriter was because I didn’t want to share my space or time with people. Do I sound negative? I don’t mean to. I enjoy people. I just didn’t want to have to see them if I didn’t feel like it. Boy, have I changed my tune. I became a networking junkie early in my career and the payoff in clients and work has been tremendous.

You aren't limited by geography. Granted I do live in Los Angeles which is a major metropolitan place, but the people I’ve met travel to cities of all sizes. Just by going to a 3-day seminar, I retained clients in Washington DC, Texas, Colorado, Oregon, and California. Not to mention I made countless connections for work down the road, both for me and work to pass on to others who have different specialties from me.

Nothing bonds a relationship like meeting face to face.
No matter how technological and impersonal the Internet has the ability to make us, the loyalty issue belongs to those we have met in person.
Networking is not selling (well, not really).
At first I avoided networking because I felt pressure to sell my services. But after a short time, it just became fun to talk to new people. I had my business cards and a brief statement prepared to explain what I do, but I checked my sales pitch at the door. I was only spreading my name and services. It worked.

Just remember, all the Internet exposure in the world doesn’t compare to nurturing a personal relationship.

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Dale said...

I loved this article because it really is all about relationships. I remember meeting a woman at a networking event. We were both in the direct sales industry but different companies and different products. I mentioned a possible joint venture and she said she didn't want to meet with me because our client profiles were similar. This made me laugh because she really missed out on what networking is all about. I wonder if she is still in business?

Deb Bailey said...

Hi Dale,
You're right. For some people it's only about getting the sale (or competing) and not about building relationships. I've met quite a few people like that, and I've asked myself the same question! :)

Thanks for your feedback!

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