Book Launch: The Map by Boni Lonnsburry

Author Boni Lonnsburry is a Master Creationist and the author of the book, The Map: Finding the Magic and Meaning in the Story of Your Life. By applying the Universal Law of Attraction to her own life, she transformed poverty, loneliness and despair to abundance, love and joy. She began a company with a $50 investment and grew it to a $5million company.

Boni also created the love of her life at the age that most people give up hope, and married in 2010. She transformed her financial life from foreclosure and bankruptcy to abundance beyond even her wildest dreams.

Today for the launch of her book, she's offering special bonus gifts. Find out more here:

You were born to be a creator.

Here's how you can make it happen, no matter what you may have experienced in the past.

Have you ever wondered what it REALLY takes to create a totally joyous life, a life of your dreams? (If you've read book after book on the subject, and still haven't managed to make it happen, it's likely because the instructions just haven't been clear enough, or easy enough to implement.)

Well, according to Boni Lonnsburry, you already HAVE what it takes. You've had it all along. Maybe you just need a little help finding it, and to be shown CLEARLY how to use it.

Boni has been working with the principles of "conscious creation" (also known as "manifestation") for nearly thirty years - studying and working with dozens (if not HUNDREDS) of teachers, authors, and healers.

And now in her new book "The Map" she lays it all out for you in such a simple step-by-step system, to get from wherever you are right now to wherever you might want to be.
Find out more about the book and the bonus gifts here:

Whether you know what you want yet, or not, this guide - unlike any other you may have seen before - will help you define, and then build, your dream life far more quickly and easily than you might have once thought possible.

It's basically a treasure map to the process of conscious creation, the exact method Boni herself uses and shares with clients and friends, and I'm giving it an enthusiastic "two thumbs up".

You can learn more about Boni and her amazing, potentially life-changing, methods on her website. And for a short time, you even get a collection of free gifts with each copy of the book. (Check her website for details on those gifts, as well as the cut-off dates for claiming them.)

Wishing you all the GREATEST success!
Find out more about the book and the bonus gifts here:

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