How Leaders Ignite Their Business and Attract Ideal Clients by Letting Their Junk Go - Part 2

by Kelly O'Neil

In our last article, we talked all about cleaning up your physical clutter. This week we are going to talk about aligning your energy by cleaning up the mental clutter.

Clutter is really anything that gets in the way of what matters most to you. So if you find yourself feeling massively overwhelmed, constantly short on time, unable to sleep or meditate because your mind is racing, and have that feeling that the to-do list will never be done, you are suffering from mental clutter. If your monkey mind is on overload, here are a few tips to calm the savage beast.

Tame Your To Do List: I teach my clients a 4 step process to tame your to do list: dump it out of your head, prioritize the list, delegate anything that someone else can do and calendar the rest. You know what they say, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Examine Your Tolerations & Create a Plan: Your mind likely swarms with unfinished business: the taxes that aren't filed, the bills that aren't paid, the messy garage, errands that haven't been run or the last 10 pounds that you never seem to lose. Make a list of all the things in your life that you are tolerating and then create a plan to knock it off. You don't want a mediocre life do you?

Dump the Emotional Baggage: We all have it. Family or friends that you need to forgive. Hurt feelings that weigh heavily on you and you just haven't mustered up the courage to confront your offender. Grudges that you are holding onto like a pro. It's time to let it go as it is just draining your precious energy. Write a letter, do a forgiveness mediation or have the conversation you have been avoiding. There is nothing more important than you feeling good emotionally.

Review Your Strategic Plan: If you are one of my clients, you have one of these and now is the time to review it and make sure you are on track. If you don't have a plan, now is the time to make one so that you don't waste your valuable time, energy and money spinning in circles. I challenge you to ask yourself WHY you are doing the things you are doing in your business and see what you can stop doing because it isn't yielding you the results you desire anyway.

Create New Systems: Nothing brings peace of mind like a good system. Systems allow you to seamlessly delegate your tasks to your teams knowing that they have a process to follow that will create the result you desire and allow them more autonomy to work on their own. Check out my business partner Beth Schneider of Process Prodigy if you are looking for someone to help you. She is an operational genius!

Take the time to align your energy and then sit back and watch how the world responds to you. You'll be amazed, I promise.

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