Self Growth: 3 Tips to Find Out if You Are Undergoing Transformation

How can you tell if it's just a rough patch or you are really undergoing a Transformation?

1) It Sucks Sometimes.
Ay chihuahua! Think about the little caterpillar... stuck in a cocoon, think about the birthing process... There are periods of expansion when things seem to be going smoothly and you're moving forward, then there are periods of contraction when things seem stuck, unpleasant, annoying and uncomfortable at the very least. And you may even feel yourself moving BACKWARDS sometimes!

It can really suck. And that's OK... It's always darkest before the dawn... just be sure to Hold On!

2) Are You Getting Pushback?

Are you getting some pushback from people around you? Even from yourself maybe? Could it be because you are threatening to heal or complete or grow or become more empowered in some way? Listen, when you make the decision to grow and become more, to live a life of joy and fulfillment, you'll get a lot of unhappy people around you. I guarantee it.

You've probably heard this said before... you cannot stay unhealthy/sick/poor enough to heal or help another person. Be aware and be compassionate when the people around you get upset that you are going through a transformation. It's scary to them and can remind them of the growth they might not be doing in their lives. Send them blessings and keep moving forward with your growth.

3) Are You Growing From It?

Listen to your intuition. This is your inner wisdom and it's always leading you in the right direction for you. Trust Yourself. The thing is, many times we get caught up in our own "stuff" and can't see or hear ourselves clearly!

When that happens, It's helpful if you can find a coach or mentor to help you grow though these periods of change. So be aware and awake to see the opportunities for growth during these times so you can emerge bigger, better, brighter! And when you do, there are people around you who you'll inspire to live their best life too!

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Deb Kennedy said...

Deb, thank you for this post! Point 2 certainly applies to me and my life right now... and that's just fine! I can deal with the naysayers, push-backers, and trolls thanks to insights and words of wisdom from sites like yours.

That's me, moving forward - one step at a time!

Deb Bailey said...

Hi Deb,

I'm glad it resonated with you and that these posts can support you as you move forward! Thanks very much for your comments!

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