Success and Mindset: 6 Ideas to Help You Stay on Track With Your Goals and Dreams

by Maritza Parra

Most times your dreams are forgiving, as forgiving as your lawn. You can ignore it for a while, when you get discouraged and don't take any action towards your dreams, but if you start taking those small daily actions your dreams, like your lawn will respond.

It's just like the green grass. If it doesn't get watered for a while, it turns yellow, you think it died and then suddenly after a few rains, it's abundant, lush and green looking like nothing ever happened to it. That's how your dreams and goals respond. Even if you've been in a very negative place for a while, if you're discouraged, you can find hope. You can begin to look for things to appreciate and ways to take action to bring them to life again.

Here are 6 ideas that can help you stay on track taking action to making your dreams reality.

1. Everything you want already exists.
2. Patience.
3. Making peace where you are no matter where it is.
4. Live within each current day as much as possible.
5. Realize you're doing great no matter where you are, right now.
6. Don't engage in comparison with other people, unless it's beneficial to you and usually it isn't.

Keeping these 6 statements in mind will help you make your dreams become reality more easily and quickly even though it may not seem that way at first. It is finding peace where you are right now.

It's about accepting and finding something to appreciate and take action on, whatever your present circumstances may be, not so you can just accept it but so you can drop the feelings of need and angst that we all sometimes get that can make us throw up our hands and give up altogether. And that's when our dreams become brittle and lifeless like the unwatered lawn.

It's a bit of a paradoxical balancing act. It's about finding peace, acceptance, self-love where you are right now, releasing the need for things to be different right this second. So you can attract and create something different and better.

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