Start More Networking Conversations

by Liz Lynch

We’ve all heard that people do business with those they know, like and trust, right?

Well, it’s conversations that help build that know, like and trust factor. People can tell something about you from your website or your blog, but nothing moves forward until you interact because that’s when they can really get to know you. And it doesn’t even have to just be face-to-face – conversations can be on the phone, by email or through social media.

The more conversations you have with someone, the closer you become. The closer you are, the more you can count on each other for cooperation and collaboration on whatever it is you need.

We often don’t put much thought to the kinds of conversations we can have with people. But there’s a lot you can accomplish when you’re strategic, because there are many types of conversations you can have:

    Conversations that spark an initial connection
    Conversations that gather and exchange information
    Conversations to evaluate someone – like a job interview or initial sales call
    Conversations to stay in touch
    Conversations to get advice
    Conversations to ask for help
    Conversations to offer help

Conversations are what initiate, cultivate and even re-activate relationships. They also initiate, cultivate and re-activate opportunities. Opportunities always come through other people – someone who wants to hire you or work with you, or someone who knows about someone who might want to hire you or work with you. But you need to be proactive in starting conversations, not just waiting for others to approach you.

Your Challenge: Pick a handful of contacts to invite for a coffee or lunch over the next few weeks. Learn about what they’ve been up to and share your latest goals and plans. Ask for details and be specific about what you’re looking for as well. Most conversations tend to stay at a surface level, and that’s fine for passing the time. But when you get deeper and more detailed, that increases your chances of uncovering mutually beneficial opportunities.

Strategic conversations are a key element in generating a steady stream of ideal clients. If you're ready to be more strategic and effective in how you talk about your business so you get greater results, apply for a Rainmaker Blueprint Session. I'll show you the steps you need to take and how we can work together to incorporate them into your business for maximum impact.

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