Have You Solved The "Am I Worth It?" Question?

by Kendall SummerHawk

Admit it, you secretly fear that someone will question your value, right?

And as a result, you’ll avoid doing business-generating actions that call into question your value, such as Discovery Sessions, raising your fees, offering high-end programs and more

I see it all of the time — under charging, over delivering, putting up with flaky client behavior, not making enough offers, tolerating boundary issues with team, answering emails in the middle of the night…

The list goes on but what really matters here is solving this issue once and for all. Because by solving it, you’re going to see a rapid up-tick in your income and in your self-esteem.

So here are 3 truths that will help you see the value of what you do, not through the eyes of someone who is doubting herself, but through a lens that will set you free to confidently get on with the business of exponentially growing your business!

Truth #1: Value Is Proportional To Results
One simple tool I created and have used in coaching thousands of women entrepreneurs to appreciate the value they offer, is to list 30 results your clients get from working with you.

Not 10, not 20 and not even 28. By switching your focus to what actually happens for your clients you’ll find yourself easily able to reposition your offers from the perspective of results. This will help you automatically relieve any internal pressure to perform.

Truth #2: Doubting Your Value Is A Childhood Wound That Needs To Be Healed Outside Of Your Business

No matter how idyllic our upbringing may have been, we all experienced some form of family pressures. As a child, you may not have had the experience, wisdom or choice to see those pressures for what they are: OPC (Other Peoples’ Crap). But as an adult, you DO have a choice.

Doubting or believing in your value is an inside job. And where you are in this self-growth journey will be reflected in your business.

My advice? Identify the types of people or situations that are likely to trigger any lurking doubts about value. Then, turn to your mentor to get coaching on the personal work necessary to clean this emotional gunk up once and for all. You’ll feel as if you’ve been set free and your business growth will reflect this in a healthy, positive income that grows and flows!

Truth #3: Clients Want You To Connect-the-Value-Dots For Them

People want to feel good about the investment they’ve made and they appreciate being reminded that they’re receiving products and services that are helping them in both big and in little ways. And they need you to help them see the transformation that’s happening for them.

I recommend making it a habit to seed your presentations, VIP Days, teleseminars and articles with phrases that point out and emphasize value.

For example, you can say,

“The value of this tip is ____________”

or ask your clients,

“What was most valuable from our morning session?”

And remember when promoting your programs, products or services on the web to list the monetary value of each component you’re including in the package.

Make Focusing On Value A New Habit And You’ll Quickly Stop “Feeding the Beast” of Self-Doubt — I Promise!

So, what is the value to you in receiving this coaching advice? How much more income can you easily bring into your business simply by letting go of doubting your value, and instead focusing on the amazing results you deliver? ((-:

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