Packaging Your Services Yet?

by Barbara Saunders

One of the most effective ways to grow your business is to package your knowledge, expertise and your services. That’s part of what can help make your business scalable.  

Scalable means two things:
  •     It can grow exponentially
  •     It helps to remove YOU from the day-to-day running so it liberates you from providing generic services by the hour.

So why are you NOT packaging yet?

Packages not only make it far easier to describe your offering – whether it’s a service or product – but they’re excellent for helping create more consistent income. Ideally, you remove access to YOU (or limit it) from your packages so that you can deliver more packages and you remove the ‘time’ element. If you do want to work with one-to-one clients, packages make a great first step for them to engage with you with less of an investment for them. Plus when the are ready to hire you, they’re aware of the value you deliver and they understand the higher investment.

Here are some tips to get your package creation underway:
  •     Avoid Overwhelm. You want people to feel a sense of relief when they learn about your offering, not like they need to do a lot of work before they’re ready for it.
  •     Give them what they WANT. You may know they need something specific, Focus your package on what your clients are saying they ‘want’ (sneak in what they need). Especially, in your marketing material, tell them how your package gives them what they want.
  •     Focus on the results. People invest because they want something to change. Be sure to clearly define the end results that you’re offering will deliver for them – don’t just list the features and expect them to make the leap. Spell it out for them.
  •     Charge what you’re worth. Oddly, when people see something priced too low, they believe it has little or no value. You may be sabotaging yourself by under pricing your offers. Double your prices and clarify your messaging and you may be surprised how your offers sell. (NOTE: Some target markets as just drawn to ‘bargain basement’ prices. They also are the ones who want the most hand holding. If that’s who you’re dealing with, consider shifting to a target market that understands investing)
  •     Make it A La Carte. Plan your packages so that they can fit together for a more complete solution or be bought piecemeal to enhance your sales options

Above all, have fun with creating your packages. Include your personality and personal tips. In the end, that’s what may have the most value.

Author Info: Barbara Saunders is the Solo Pro Business Success Expert who helps self-employed professionals go from floundering to flourishing! As the Founder of the Solo Pro Academy, she’s developed programs focused specifically on helping solo pros build a profitable custom-fit business for our new technology-drive global economy. Swing by and pick up your free ‘Income Accelerator Success Kit’. To connect with other solo pros, tune into Solo Pro Radio.

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