Is Your Content Marketable?

by Kendall SummerHawk

When I first started coaching over a decade ago, I was taught to “let the client lead the agenda.”

The problem with this approach is it put me in a reactive position as their coach (meaning, I followed their lead, responding to what they decided to coach on), rather than a proactive position, where I could stretch them in bigger ways, helping them to accelerate their progress.

Plus, the problem with this old style approach is that it opened the door to hearing, “I’m not sure what I want to coach on today” which resulted in higher client drop out rates.

And, to top it off, I felt I was hiding out, not speaking my truth and holding back from giving my clients more of what they needed to thrive and excel.

Finally, one day, I had enough and began being more directive with my clients. I introduced new content, skillfully wove in training and began putting them on a path that I KNEW would work for them.

And you know what? My clients LOVED it!

If you’re a coach trained in the “old school” method, or you’re new to coaching and you haven’t quite found your footing yet, this new paradigm of blending information with coaching can feel uncomfortable at first.

Which is why you need to know how much content to include in your coaching sessions, and even more importantly, WHAT content your clients are most likely to pay you to deliver. Here are 3 easy steps you want to take to help get you started.

Step #1 Bring Marketable Content To Every Call

While the philosophy that the client leads the agenda may have worked years ago, in today’s economic climate, clients expect YOU as their coach to give them the answers. And they expect you to share knowledge that will help them quickly accelerate their results.

My advice? Plan on delivering a small portion of content in each of your coaching calls. This is your opportunity to pull out your checklists, templates or scripts — anything that will save your clients time and make it easier for them to get into action.

Step #2 Don’t Be Afraid Of Being “Bossy”

When I was a little girl, my grade school teachers had a tough time keeping me in my seat. I always wanted to help others with their spelling, math or reading. Little did I know that what got me into trouble back then would serve me beautifully in creating a multimillion dollar coaching company!

Your clients want you to be a leader. So don’t hold back from sharing your concerns, revealing what your intuition is telling you and from being clearly directive. I promise you that your clients will love you MORE when you show them what to do.

Step #3 Don’t Waste Time Reinventing What Is At Your Fingertips

If you don’t have your content pulled together into a marketable package then consider getting trained in someone else’s system. And even if you already have a Signature System, this is still a great way of introducing fresh, new content into your coaching programs. Just be sure that what you’re getting trained in is a complete system that includes templates, forms and marketing support because you’ll need this to be successful.

Remember that people don’t hire coaches, they invest in getting a specific problem solved.

Instead of trying to sell coaching, focus on offering marketable content and you’ll benefit from a steady increase in coaching clients AND income.

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