Ready to Add Twitter to Your Marketing Mix?

by Liz Lynch

It’s been happening less this year, but from time to time, I still get the question “Do I need to be on Twitter and if so, why?”

Well, let me clear it up for you and say…”It depends.”

Like any marketing or lead generation strategy, whether Twitter will be useful for you really depends on your business.

For example, a very good friend of mine runs a small private equity firm and does a small number of deals a year that he finds on his own through proprietary research and speaking to his network. I’m not sure that Twitter will help him find better companies to invest in, or pay less money for them – the two critical factors for his success. And while it could help, it may not be worth the time investment.

For any type of social media to be effective, it needs to have a strategic purpose. It has to help you do something faster, cheaper or better than you’re currently doing it now. Otherwise, invest your time in more effective solutions OR figure out a way to get better results.

Before I help my clients build a Twitter strategy, here are 3 questions they need to answer IN THIS ORDER...
Question #1: Are your potential customers using Twitter?

If decision makers at your target companies and influencers within your industry are actively using Twitter, then you should strive to be part of the conversation. If you're not, it’s like declining an invitation to an event down the street where those who can hire you or help you get hired will be attending. If you aren’t there to talk to them, you can bet your competitors will be.

Question #2: Is your industry ultra-competitive?

Speaking of competition…The more choices your potential customers have for selecting a service provider, the more you need to do to be part of the solution set. Everyone’s got a website now, so how will you stand out? The more of your ideas, your content, your conversations and your connections that are online, the more breadcrumbs you leave to lead prospects back to your door.

Question #3: Do you want to raise your profile?

If your answers to questions #1 and #2 are yes, then so should your answer to this question. Having strong name recognition, support from mutual connections, and lots of easily discoverable proof of your expertise, can help you get an initial meeting, Even better, your visibility might even cause interested prospects to contact YOU.

It’s important to answer the questions in this order because even if you DO want to raise your profile, if your customers aren’t using Twitter, that won’t be the best platform for you. Instead, you may want to consider speaking at conferences, writing a book, or another visibility strategy that gets you in front of your target audience more directly.

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