The Real Meaning of Success

by Doreen Rainey

There was a powerful discussion in the private forum for my clients in the RADICAL Self Revolution Personal Development Coaching Program this past week. It centered around the discovery, through the modules and exercises, that the very thing some thought they wanted to achieve - they realized they didn't.

One woman realized that she really didn't want to start another business. Another shared that the business she had started wasn't a fit and that she really desired to work for a non-profit agency. And yet another realized she had been selling herself short on some of her goals, playing small out of fear - and raised the bar (and her activity level).

These conversations got me thinking about success - what it really means and how you live it. It brought to mind an article I wrote about four years ago on the real meaning of what it means to succeed. I took a look at what I wrote and realized it's still relevant today.

Here it is:

S – See Your Future

Success is very personal. The definition of success is not the same for every person. It’s important that you define and decide what success looks like for you. You do this by taking the time to see your future. What does it look like? Who’s in it? What are you doing? How are you spending your time? Answering these questions provides a complete understanding of how you want your life to be.

U – Use Your Gifts and Talents

Becoming successful means that you have found a place where you are living a purposeful and passionate life. That purpose and passion is found in your gifts and talents. Tapping into those gifts and talents provides the tools that you will use to design the life you want. It’s the basis upon which you will build. Not sure of your gifts and talents? Ask yourself: What are you good at? What do you love to do? How do you spend your time? What are you curious about? What do you want to learn more about? What are your hobbies? What do other people admire about you.

C – Create a Vision

How will you use your passion and purpose to create your successful future? That is your vision statement. Your vision should connect your gifts and talents with your future. However, you don’t just want to create a vision and keep it in your head. You want to write it down, put it where you can see it everyday and share it with others. Having a vision is the foundation from which you make every future decision. If you are not sure whether to do something or not, just ask yourself if it moves you closer to your vision or takes you further away.

C – Constantly Take Action Towards Your Goals

Nothing happens until something happens. What are you doing right now to bring you closer to your future? What skills are you developing, what connections are you making, and how much time are you devoting to your goals? If you are writing a book, how many pages a day? If you are going to school, how much study time a week? If you are starting a business, what marketing and promotion ideas are you working on? If you are seeking help, are you contacting people and networking with them? Action is critical to transforming your vision to reality.

E – Emulate Those Who Reflect Your Values

There are many successful people out there that you can imitate, but the list of successful people who share your values and are successful may be significantly smaller. Once you fully understand your values, seek out those people who use their success in a meaningful way – a way that lines up with what’s important to you. Watch and learn from them. Get advice from them. Learn from their experiences – both good and bad.

S – Stand Firm Against Challenges and Adversity

Life will not always go your way. There will be failures, disappointments, setbacks, difficulty, fears, losses, hard times, apprehension, bad decisions, wasted time, wasted money, and wasted effort. But no one who lives a life of purpose and passion gets there without dealing with challenges and adversity. The key is not to focus on what has happened to you, but to decide how you are going to move past it.

S – Share Your Success with Others

Your success is not for you. You get the benefit of it, but success is ultimately designed to be shared with others. Don’t be stingy with your money, knowledge, or ideas. Be an example that others will follow. Be that person that someone who is looking for their own success can emulate.

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© 2013 Doreen Rainey

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