Author Q&A: Klout Matters by Gina Carr and Terry Brock

Author Gina Carr is stopping by the blog today to discuss her new book, Klout Matters: How to Engage Customers, Boost Your Digital Influence--and Raise Your Klout Score for Success by Gina Carr and Terry Brock (McGraw Hill, October 18, 2013). In the book you'll discover how Klout determines your score, tips to improve your social media interactions, and how to create content that will improve and encourage audience engagement.

Gina Carr is an entrepreneur, speaker, and marketing consultant who works with thought leaders to leverage social media marketing for greater influence, profits, and success. She has an MBA from Harvard Business School. Gina's Klout Score is 78.

Deb Bailey: Hi Gina! Thanks for stopping by the Secrets of Success blog. Let's get started by sharing why the score is important. Why should people make an effort to increase their Klout Score? 

Gina Carr: When you are doing activities that increase your Klout Score, you are interacting with people which are your customers (or could become your customers).  Much like a bathroom scale is a gauge for weight loss or gain, a Klout Score is a gauge which helps you determine how effectively you are using social media.

Deb: So, what tactics can you use to raise your Klout Score? And how can you do that without "gaming the system" like SEO developers did during the early Google days?

Gina: You raise it by focusing on the ABC's of social engagement:
A = Always be engaging. Interact with people.  Don't just broadcast.
B = Be consistent:  Engage daily. Use consistent branding and messaging.
C = Connect. Connect with other influencers.  Connect all your networks to Klout.

Deb: Are there any blogs, podcasts, or YouTube videos you recommend that can help both your Klout Score and bottom line?

Gina: Certainly, Deb. There are several. Many are featured in the appendix of our book. Some of my favorites are:
  • Blogs - Convince & Convert by Jay Baer, Platform by Michael Hyatt, Social Media Examiner, and of course,  (Terry Brock is the co-author of my book.)
  • Podcasts - Joel Comm, BlogcastFM, Michael Hyatt, The Social Hour, Deb Krier
  • Youtube - Randy Gage's Prosperity TV, Terry Brock

Deb: What's the best advice you could give to women entrepreneurs specifically regarding their Klout score?

Gina: Well, overall a Klout Score is important for two reasons. First, it is a way for you to measure your own social media effectiveness.  How are you doing when it comes to people listening to you in the online world?  It is a gauge that will help you evaluate your own activities.

Secondly, it is a tool that others are using to judge you - potential employers, meeting planners, brands looking for citizen advocates, and more.  Many brands award citizen influencers with "Klout Perks" - products and services that are given to highly influential people.  Decision makers are starting to use Klout Scores in their hiring process.

As it relates to women entrepreneurs, since women are naturally better at relating to and engaging with others, it is possible that women will tend to have higher Klout scores.  Women who wish to establish their expertise in a certain area, now have another tool that will help them get recognized for their knowledge and abilities.

Deb: What inspires you to do the work you do?

Gina: I love helping people share their brilliance with the world.  By doing so, I am helping to make the world a better place.  I am amazed at how easy and affordable it is now to share great information to people all over the world.  Whether this content is inspiring, educational, or entertaining, it is helping people.  Facilitating the connections between those who are creating great content and those who are consuming it, gives me great joy. 

Deb: You've shared a lot of helpful information and given us tools to get started with Klout. Where can people find your book?

Gina: The best place to find my book is on the book website: It is also available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble bookstores, and other retail outlets.

Deb: Thanks so much for joining us today! Please share your website and social media URLs.

Gina: Thanks for inviting me, Deb. Here's where your readers can find me online: < book website < my website

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