Should I or Shouldn’t I? Easy Ways To Make Aligned Decisions About Your Business

by Kendall SummerHawk

Should I or shouldn’t I?

Your heart says “yes” and your brain says “no”…or is it the other way around?

And is it really intuition saying "this isn’t the right time"?

Feeling undecided, or waffling on a decision once it’s made, is unsettling for anyone. And for women entrepreneurs, it can cause our already shaky confidence to take a hit of self-doubt.

Being in business means making decisions about your business, daily. And while you always have the right to change your mind, doubting or waffling about the decisions you’ve made is a tremendous waste of your time and energy, which can distract you from moving ahead quickly and with certainty.

The key is to understand the difference between intuition and ego, and to know when it makes sense to stick to a decision so you’re not continuously re-inventing the wheel and causing yourself to lose momentum and traction in your business.

Here are 3 of the same strategies I use to make aligned AND informed decisions, with confidence and clarity, so I can keep moving forward purposefully and profitably in my business. Which strategy most resonates for YOU?

Strategy #1 Ego Versus Intuition

The goal of the ego is to do everything in its power to keep you where you are. No matter how uncomfortable that place is. No matter that it makes no sense. No matter that you consciously "want" something else for yourself.

Ego has a voice and it’s a seductive one because it sounds like you. It says:

    "Now is not the right time"

    "I can’t because…"

    "There are other things more important right now"

    "I would love to but…"

Do you see how each of these cause you to stay put, in a place of "not now"?

Compare this to intuition, which always shows you the way forward. Intuition may speak to you as a voice or a feeling or in images but it’s always guiding you forward. Think of intuition as a guiding hand, showing you "this way".

Strategy #2 Be Willing To Feel Some Fear (It Will Go Away)

Many women mistakenly back down (or back out) of a decision because they feel fear. The ego gets super happy about this and will try to convince you that feeling of fear is intuition.

Trust me, it isn’t.

Because fear and doubt are never truth. One question I ask myself in those moments is, "If I wasn’t feeling afraid, what would I be feeling instead?" The answer is usually something like "excited, happy, ready to jump in, etc."

Strategy #3 Get A Witness

Rethinking a decision once you make it is nothing more than a nasty habit that you can change. One easy way is to tell someone who believes fully in you, who will hold you as powerful no matter what, what your decision is and why.

By incorporating a witness to your decision, you’ll feel supported and encouraged to stick with your plan in case you’re tempted to rethink your choice.

Making decisions is something ALL successful women entrepreneurs learn how to do.

While there are times when it makes sense to change your mind, decisions made from a place of clarity and intuition are good ones that need you to follow through on. So instead of wasting time rethinking your choices, get into action implementing. You’ll find your confidence soaring!

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