“We Will Create Sustainable Change” by Leah Oviedo

Will we be able to clean up the environment before it’s too late? In Leah Oviedo's new book, “We Will Create Sustainable Change,” eleven people around the world share how they are working hard to make sure we will.

Leah's book gives a voice to the local heroes who are involved in projects including farming, creating sustainable urban areas, water conservation, animal rescue and community partnerships. Each interview includes a blueprint for how they took action, obstacles they overcame and advice on how everyone can be an active participant in a better world. 

In the spirit of encouraging more people to learn about how they can get involved, click on the link to  read the book for free on Bookemon.com.

If you have a Kindle, click on the link to get “We Will Create Sustainable Change” for free on Amazon Kindle until November 5th.

This is the second volume in the Up To You book series which highlights people who are being the
change they want to see by creating opportunities in their communities for everyone to get involved.

The first book, “How Will You Create Positive Change?” featured 16 people who worked on a variety of social issues such as education, health, youth mentoring, violence prevention and eradicating poverty. 

Share your experience with creating positive change on the Up To You blog at: http://changeisup2u.wordpress.com/.

Leah Oviedo is a certified self defense instructor, author, artist, and activist in southern California. Her background includes work in areas of business management, art, foster youth, domestic violence, sexual assault and environmental sustainability. Individual empowerment is a recurring theme in her work. After working in various fields she realized that she could make a positive difference working in prevention and educating people on how to make positive life choices.

She regularly writes articles on a variety of topics including art, human rights and individual empowerment. In 2011 she created Impower You, a resource and motivational site for young adults. Learn more about Leah and her work on her website http://impoweryou.org/

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