Secrets of a Great Resume

Could your resume be holding you back?

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You have the skills and the experience…but still no response. Been out of the job market for a while and not sure how to deal with gaps between jobs? Concerned that your age will work against you in the job market?

Day in and day out, you send resumes to employers for jobs you know you are perfect for, yet you’re not receiving any calls for interviews. In today’s ultra-competitive job market, you can’t afford to go unnoticed.  Your resume needs to stand out from the stack of other job applications the hiring manager is looking at.

When you’re not sure how to highlight your key strengths or how to format your jobs and education, updating your resume can be a stressful process. But it doesn’t have to be!

This easy-to-follow book covers:

  •     How to format and structure your resume for the best results
  •     How to craft a compelling summary
  •     How to use social media to get your resume in front of the right people
  •     How to quickly create a cover letter template
  •     What keywords are and how to use them

This book is perfect for:

  •     Experienced professionals seeking corporate positions either as full-time employees, contractors or consultants
  •     Professionals returning to the workforce who need to quickly update their resumes

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